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Thread: Jeb Bush - His secret life as a drug smuggler, money launderer, & murder suspect...

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    Jeb Bush - His secret life as a drug smuggler, money launderer, & murder suspect...

    Highly inflammatory political content removed by admin. has a deliberate policy of discouraging political discussion, other than in the context of its' relationship with scams.
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    Re: Jeb Bush - His secret life as a drug smuggler, money launderer, & murder suspect...

    Regrettably you deleted factual information that was the subject matter of two published books that exposed the money-laundering and drug smuggling business associates of a Presidential candidate and his own misdeeds and cover-ups as well. The non-fiction books are "Barry & The Boys" by Daniel Hopsicker and "The Conspirators" by Al Martin. The books also expose the link between the execution murder of Barry Seal and Jeb Bush. A third book in the works was seized by U.S. federal agents and was written by a former U.S. Treasury agent who had access to bank records. NONE OF THE AUTHORS WERE EVER SUED FOR LIBEL NOR SLANDER AND ALL THREE AUTHORS WROTE ABOUT FIRST-HAND EXPERIENCES. Americans have a right to know who they are voting for. Thankfully other forums are telling the story, although since Jeb Bush's legitimacy is a scam, his fraud should be exposed on this forum, which unfortunately does not have a "political scams" section. Uncle Sam Seized Book Manuscripts To Protect Jeb Bush? - WORLD Law Direct Forums

    Using Wall Street to launder billions of drug moneys is a "SCAM" in my opinion, and when companies who do the laundering hire Jeb Bush as a consultant or have him on their campaign donation list, then I think the scam is even more noteworthy. When three American citizen witnesses to these crimes are all forced to live outside America by the government via court orders, I think the scam is something every American voter needs to know about. Witnesses Edward Chism, Bruce Gorcyca and Erling Ingvaldsen were all exiled out of North America so they could not be subpoenaed as a witness to crimes of Jeb Bush and his business associates like former FBI agent Terry Nelson, Barry Seal, etc. Again, all of this information is the subject of three books, and two of the authors were insiders of the illegal operations. Ooops... make that 5 books - I forgot to mention "CRIMES OF PATRIOTS" by Jonathan Kwitny of the Wall Street Journal, and IMMACULATE DECEPTION - INSIDE THE BUSH CRIME FAMILY written by highly-decorated Army General Russel Bowen who disappeared right after the book was published.

    If you or I did what Jeb Bush or Terry Nelson have done, we'd be stamping license plate tags is some prison factory for a decade. Hiding the details of the crimes does not change the past, but only helps a criminal get elected to public office where he can do even more damage. Sincerely, I hope you will read the books mentioned in this rebuttal and reconsider your political preferences to censor. I personally support Edward Snowden, Wikileaks, and none of the Bush family because I do not rely on TV News for my account of the truth in our world.

    Perhaps your deletions were a bit premature? Perhaps you assumed that such serious allegations could not possibly be true? Or you could be a fan of the Bush family of war criminals and inside traders who have exploited American citizens for almost a century? Even if your intentions were honorable, I think free speech has always been a trademark of this web site and that is why I shared the information here. Take note that Mother Jones and Rolling Stone both exposed over 20 felony crimes involving the Bush family Bush Family Value$ | Mother Jones yet not one of them were prosecuted. Instead, all of the witnesses were targeted for retribution, false criminal charges, death threats, and even murder. If you condone these crimes, just keep deleting posts of people who try to expose them. If you are an American patriot please repost the missing information and let intelligent people use their own judgement. In any and all venues, CENSORSHIP SUCKS.
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    Re: Jeb Bush - His secret life as a drug smuggler, money launderer, & murder suspect...

    Quote Originally Posted by The Turk View Post
    So do you....
    ʎɐqǝ uo pɹɐoqʎǝʞ ɐ ʎnq ı ǝɯıʇ ʇsɐן ǝɥʇ sı sıɥʇ

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