I was offered to invest in gold!*

I met Jonathan MassÚ on kijiji, he is an online scammer. I gave him 10,000 USD and in return he gave me lies and excuses!

I handed Scammer Jonathan MassÚ from Gestion JÚcoM 10k USD cash (5K in $50 bills and 5K in $100 bills) on the 18th of April 2016.

We agreed that the funds were for the buy/sell of gold in Africa, that trip never took place and Thief Jonathan MassÚ not only refused to return the stolen funds but also refuses till this day to meet me in person!*

*Funny anecdote* Ever since taking my money, scheduling an appointment with Scam Artist Jonathan MassÚ has been an impossible task (although he was available at all times when he wanted my money). Since he had some marble for sale, I had to pose as a contractor to schedule a surprise meeting in July 2017. He came running with some marble samples to show me but the look on his face when he saw me was like if he had seen a ghost! During our encounter, Scammer Jonathan MassÚ blamed his cousin lawyer for the misplaced 10,000 USD. Apparently my funds were used in a real estate deal, without my knowledge of course.

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Help me locate this thief, any info on his whereabouts would be appreciated.
E-mail: scam@jonathanmasse.com
Robbed by Jonathan MassÚ