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Thread: What we really need is a Wiki!

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    What we really need is a Wiki!

    I just realized that compiling lists of people, scams, and cross index them is futile. What we need is a Wiki!

    Wiki, as long as we keep the format consistent (borrow the Wikipedia layout template) it can be interesting.

    For a person, we can cross-ref what businesses was s/he involved with and what time

    For a business, we can corss-ref what persons were involved at what level

    AND we can cross-ref to court cases, laws, news items, and even posts here.

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    Re: What we really need is a Wiki!

    Sounds like a lot of work but it would be very interesting.

    Actually, after getting these 3 published in Kindle the past 2 weeks, I am exhausted and need a rest:

    Link to one: The Ghost of Thorn Hill


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