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Thread: What are the chances ???

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    What are the chances ???

    Here we have a delightful young lady on Facebook offering to sell the "LATEST NEW APPLE IPHONE X 8, 8 PLUS & SAMSUNG S9 (FACTORY UNLOCKED)"

    Sounds good, you say

    BUT WAIT !!

    A closer examination reveals:

    Yep, Kelly is in BRAZIL, hardly a hotbed of electronics sale

    I know Bitcoin is anonymous and virtually untraceable, I hear you say, but if things go wrong, if I need a refund, I can go straight to my TB009 wallet

    OH REALLY ???

    Do you REALLY need a new IPhone so badly you'd be willing to take the chance ???
    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

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    Re: What are the chances ???

    Her claimed phone number of 4436204241 brings up a mess of contradictions. Baltimore number, Las Vegas mobile phone shop, and Bitcoin miners on Alibaba.
    If you are in Prosper With Integrity, and do not like that your personal information has been published here, please talk to these good people:

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