Man arrested over fake 'million dollar bills' in UAE
  • By staff writers From: NewsCore August 29, 2010 6:45PM

A MAN was arrested in the United Arab Emirates for tricking a woman into trying to get change at the central bank for two souvenir one million dollar notes he persuaded her were real, local media reported today.
"The suspect claimed that he was not aware that the notes do not have any value," The National quoted Colonel Hammad Ahmed al Hamadi of the Abu Dhabi police as saying.

The 44-year-old suspect persuaded the woman to exchange the fake notes at the U.A.E. central bank in return for 30 percent of their value after convincing her they were authentic, the report said citing police sources.

A photo in the newspaper shows a bill with starkly different colors on its two sides - one side is mainly black and white, while the other is mainly green.

The black and white side features a picture of the first U.S. president, George Washington, whose image is found on U.S. one dollar bills.

The man, who was arrested by Abu Dhabi police, is from the Ivory Coast, the newspaper said. It did not provide details on the woman, and did not say whether or not she was arrested.

In June, three Iranians attempted to fraudulently obtain $14.4 billion from the U.A.E. central bank using fake documents, official WAM news agency reported. Two were arrested, while the third was reportedly still at large in Iran.

In January, Abu Dhabi police arrested seven men for attempting to steal $10.2 billion from the central bank, also using forged documents, WAM said.