This is hilarious.

Australia has a horrid pair of TV programs called 'A Current Affair' and 'Today Tonight' on opposing channels - gutter journalism at its worst, pandering to the common lowest denominator of tv viewers. They profess to 'being on the side of the little man' and love nothing more than presenting trash as investigative reporting (dodgy painters, dodgy car salesmen, that sort of riveting stuff). Both programs are always trying to outdo the other.

Lately the trash media has been focusing on what they have been calling 'Australia's Worst Troll', and gaining some mileage out of it for the past two weeks (its spread to the print media). A young lad who lives in NZ by the name of Tristran, who runs a page called Facebeef and has around 300,000 followers who he 'sicks' onto people.

Today Tonight have been promoting heavily for the past few days about an upcoming episode being screened tonight. They sent a reporter to NZ to interview Tristan, and partway through, for some reason, Tristan gives the reporter a good slap in the face and legal charges ensued. TT have been featuring this incident in the promo ads. So first, please sit through this episode of Today Tonight to see what was screened tonight:

Tristan Barker Report - Today Tonight 11/03/13 *HD* - YouTube

Straight after this was broadcast, the 'Facebeef' page said they would be uploading a video which would show the real story. Sure enough, several hours later, this video appears - Nebz is Tristans offsider (CAUTION - OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE NSFW)

Facebeef Trolls Australia - YouTube

It seems they have had this scam in the pipeline for a while, even setting up a facebook page for the featured 'victim' Jasmin -

Not a bad effort for a bunch of teenagers! The TT episode has been officially removed from their site and facebook page, and comments are starting to pour onto their page at

I sincerely hope, along with many other Australians, that this causes Today Tonight all sorts of publicity pain!