Feud escalates between Collin County District Attorney John Roach, state District Judge Suzanne Wooten

03:50 PM CDT on Tuesday, October 5, 2010

By ED HOUSEWRIGHT / The Dallas Morning News

The feud between Collin County District Attorney John Roach and state District Judge Suzanne Wooten continues to escalate.
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Roach said today that he no longer will submit cases to a grand jury once overseen by Wooten. And he said all the cases indicted by that grand jury will be resubmitted to a new grand jury.
The grand jury, which has been meeting since July, last month requested a special prosecutor to investigate "possible criminal wrongdoing" in Roach's office.
"I took these actions because I have profound reservations about the integrity of the entire process in impaneling Judge Wooten's grand jury and its subsequent actions, which also present serious ethical questions," Roach said in a news release.
Peter Schulte, Wooten's attorney, condemned Roach's actions. He said the judge recused herself from overseeing the grand jury months ago.
"He's trying to cast a shadow of doubt on the grand jury because he's scared," Schulte said of Roach. "It's looking into the activities of him and his office."
For more than a year, Roach said, the district attorney's office has investigated Wooten for alleged campaign law violations.
Please read the comments on the DMN website. It is my prayer that the new DA, which is sure to be Greg Willis, will really be tough on crime. I have already sent him a courtesy e-mail and alerted him to things going on in our area that are very deserving of the attention of the District Attorney's Office.