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Thread: Stamp Maximizer 100

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    Stamp Maximizer 100

    I recently received this piece of junk in my mailbox, and I'm assuming that thousands of other people did, too:

    Stamp Maximizer 100

    The address of the business running this stamp program is:

    Tempo Marketing
    28 E. Jackson #T-485
    Chicago, IL 60604

    I don't understand why anybody would want to get involved in this. What a waste of time, money, and paper.

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    Re: Stamp Maximizer 100

    That's an Eric Pantalone scam. He's since moved to New England and started up Franklin's Gift Club, among other scams operating under the fictitious business name "Way To Money Publications."

    The stamp maxcimizer scheme is very similar to John Busser's old Priority Wealth Network scheme, which the Postal Inspection Service came down on like the proverbial 800 lb. gorilla. Let me put this delicately... Brad Kamanski considers Busser a scammer to be avoided like an Ebola-carrier.
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    Re: Stamp Maximizer 100

    So, what DOES happen if "everyone enrolls just 5 people a week"

    WEEK 1: 1000 people enroll. They all "enroll just 5 people that week" = 5000 people are enrolled

    WEEK 2: 5000 are enrolled. They all "enroll just 5 people that week" = 25,000 people are enrolled

    WEEK 3: 25,000 are enrolled. They all "enroll just 5 people that week" = 125,000 are enrolled

    WEEK 4:
    125,000 are enrolled. They all "enroll just 5 people that week" = 625,000 are enrolled

    And that is only after week 4

    Would you like to gamble you are not number 625,001 ??

    The only person who is happy is the "monitor"

    He has received 100 stamps from every person in the pyramid.

    And, that's exactly what STAMP MAXIMIZER 100 is - a perfect example of a "PYRAMID SCHEME"

    Send off your stamps, but make sure you kiss them goodbye as they leave - you'll never see them again.
    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

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    Re: Stamp Maximizer 100

    Sounds like Charles Ponzi's original postage stamp arbitrage, as he claimed the way he makes money for investors :)


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