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Thread: Some Free Computer Training Available from Latest RS Member and Hopefully Another

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    Some Free Computer Training Available from Latest RS Member and Hopefully Another

    Grumpyoldfart a new member to RS does not suffer fools gladly but if you need help with an ailing computer, this old fart's diagnosis and remedial skills come highly recommended. He has the patience of Job with students who really want to learn. He is also the webmaster of the new Ex Adlanders site but this computer seems to have an allergic reaction to links form that site. I hope to have it up and running when I plug my "Boggie Bug Free" computer in. Can anybody recommend the best registry cleaner with which they have experience?

    Mess with this member at your own peril. He could have attended some of the the same seminars as Soapboxmum, LRM, Okosh, Scratcy. Laidback, LORM etc.

    There is only one other person whom I will welcome with such affection. Get your alligator whistle out of your pocket Okosh and whistle up Swamp Lady. I know that she is hiding in a few swaps but "grumpy" may need some help from OZ. She told me she went to school with Pommies and she is not ashamed to talk or write Pom if you can't grasp the rudiments of OzSlang

    Can you whistle up Lita. Where an earth is that giggle girlfriend of yours? I can not blow raspberries or SOS signals across the Atlantic
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