Yes, I know they are a private company and they could post complete fabrications if they wanted to, but they falsely present themselves as an impartial forum, and most people believe that. I just found this which I want to share here so people know this is another YELP type scam...BTW, the last thing I will ever be is a Trump supporter but after reading this I will never vote for Hillary.

The moderators in the "POLITICS" sub reddit are about 80% Hillary Clinton staffers and they have been censoring like a banshee on steroids - any comments that reveal crimes or ethical misdeeds of their girl Hillary. I just finished a 6 month stify on political censorship at Reddit and although I am not in favor of Donald Trump i was not against Hillary until I began this study. See below...

I have been monitoring Reddit’s Politics sub reddit for the last 6 months as a research project I am doing on political censorship in the media. I have read over 3,800 new posts in which the topic included the headline “Hillary”, “Hillary Clinton”, or “Clinton Foundation”. The results of my survey are shocking and very disturbing. When I shared the results with some of my colleagues, one of them jokingly asked “Do the Clintons own a major position of Reddit as shareholders?” Here is what I found…

•Pro Hillary posts were quickly up-voted within minutes of posting and those with opposing points of view, were down-voted within minutes.

•If favorable but false comments were pointed out by a user, that user’s comments were quickly removed, usually within 30 minutes of posting.

•Users who posted negative comments about Hillary who used the words “crime”, “felony”, “criminal” or unethical” had their posts removed by moderators within 2 hours in 80% of incidents, and the explanations given were either bizarre or simply BS excuses needed to censor the post.

•Users who complained about this censorship had their post removed immediately and if they complained again, no further posts were seen by that user (banned).

•Most quickly removed posts were those that (A) Linked Hillary to 911 and Saudi contacts, (B) Specific information about money laundering of the Clinton Foundation, and (C) References to FBI Comey being on the board of Directors of HSBC bank which handles the American banking for the Clinton Foundation, (D) References to Hillary’s brain damage sustained in a 2012 fall, and frequent seizures she currently suffers.

•Over 70% of the mods in the politics sub redit demonstrated their own bias in favor of Hillary Clinton by posting heavily biased comments of their own, or quickly labeling negative info about Hillary as “CT” when in fact, the material submitted was well-documented as factual, even legal exhibits in court cases.

In summary, it is clear that the current ownership of Reddit has either been compensated or is truly biased themselves. In either case, over 1,843 negative but factual posts about Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation have been removed (CENSORED) from public view. What is left remaining for the public to view is a grossly distorted and biased picture of a flawed and unethical candidate who may even be certifiable as a pathological liar