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Thread: SCAM ALERT! Fake China Foreign Teacher Job Ads With Phony Average Salaries - Beware Expats!

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    SCAM ALERT! Fake China Foreign Teacher Job Ads With Phony Average Salaries - Beware Expats!

    Want some excitement? Come swim with the sharks in China as a foreign teacher! If you google "Teach In China" you will overwhelmed with 39 pages of alluring ads telling how great, fun, and easy it is to make a ton of money teaching English in China even if you have no college degree. It is all total bullshit. The below links will prove it for you. You see all those wonderful ads are posted by the sneaky shark recruiters and identity theieves who make about $2,000 a day scamming innocent wannabe teachers captivated by the great China adventure. Here are the three biggest scams that are very easy to believe and fall for...

    The China Teacher Job - You will see ads that offer 5,000 to 6,000 per month and you think it is in USD dollars and you rush to sign a contract and fly to China only to learn that you are paid in rmb and you are really collecting only $1,000 a month and later you learn that your real salary is $2,000 a month but your "recruiter" is pocketing the other half of your check as his "placement fee". Now you realize WHY foreign teachers in China are always hungry and why they all have 1-3 roommates!

    The Identity Thief - These ads are the best of all. So devious that they even fooled the daughter of a New York fraud detective! They advertise $45,000 a year or even more with reimbursed visa and travel costs. The jobs are at great oceanside locations with beautiful beaches and even free Chinese lessons with a photo of the handsome instructor guy or beautiful babe. These ads are irresistible and within 48 hours the recruiter is asking you to send scans of your passport, visa, photo, and CV. Then about two weeks later you get the "bad news" that the wonderful job was already filled! About 6-9 months later you wonder why the police are at your door demanding that you pay $27,800 or go to jail. That asswipe who conned you about that great teaching job sold all of your personal data to an Identity thief who took out credit cards in your name! Another variation of this clever fraud is the China Daily Mail Scam which is run by a former prison guard from Australia known as Craig Hill and you can read about his special scam at this link here: http://chinadailymailscam.wordpress....sed-explained/

    The Fake Teacher Internship - This is a variation of the first scamabove except they make you believe that since you have no teaching degree you have to earn a special TEFL certificate and have to pay them $999 to take the course and then work as an intern for 6 months before you can collect a full salary. In reality they are the ones collecting the other half of your real job! Three of the biggest scams in this area of expertise are,, and and you can google all of them with the word "scam" attached and get the horror stories.

    To learn more about these and other scams related to working in China just visit and then scratch China off of your short list. It's a fund an great place to visit, but if you are not extremely cautious you will be eaten alive by the shark recruiters if you even try to find a job there! And to add insult to injury, after you collect your $600 monthly check you will discover that you have to pay taxes both in China and back in your homeland as well! Here's the links I promised you earlier:

    20% of Foreign Teachers In China Victimized By Identity Theft By Phony Recruiters - career tips, techniques, and strategies - Zimbio

    China Scam Recruiters Lure Foreign Teachers With Hype & Lies - China Business Central - Open Salon

    Scam Alert: The Foreign Teacher Fraud - Beijing - Beijing Blogs Blog | City Weekend Guide
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