Just received a call using what could be described as a misdirection scheme.
The call was from "Robert Green" ph# 239-255-5678. the conversation generally
directed me to call "Publishers Clearance (notice "Clearance", not "Clearing") House,
ph#888-658-2725 and give them my "ID" #1988 and "pin" 2020. When you call this number
they tell you you've won $3000000+ and a new Bentley blah blah blah, you just need to
send in $10,000 etc etc clearance fees, blah, blah, and don't tell anyone about it until after
you receive your reward. You are then directed to call "Robert Green" ( has an interesting accent,
given the name) to finalize the arrangements.
I called "Green" back, and as soon as I mentioned that people don't pay money to "win" prizes
I got a click and crickets...!
Note: Lynn (Eagleone) can categorize this scam as per his excellent book "Robbing You with a Keyboard Instead of a Gun"