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Thread: One more reason to hate scammer pimps.

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    One more reason to hate scammer pimps.

    One more reason to hate scammer pimps. This is from Patrick Pretty.

    The story below may make some readers angry — and rightly so. It covers allegations against Larry Michael Parrish of Walkersville, Md. Parrish is accused by the SEC of orchestrating a $9.2 million swindle through IV Capital, his mysterious firm incorporated in Nevis, an island in the Caribbean. The scheme allegedly had the characteristics of a sort of HYIP/prime bank hybrid. “Programs” that resemble the one allegedly pushed by Parrish are regularly hawked on Ponzi scheme and criminals’ forums such as Talk Gold and MoneyMakerGroup. Because law enforcement has made inroads in educating the public about the dangers of HYIP schemes, the promoters of such schemes now are trying to make prospects believe they are not investing in an HYIP — and millions of dollars continue to vanish into giant, money-sucking sinkholes.


    SEC: Recidivist Huckster Made Bedside Visit To Dying Man, Promised Him ‘Investment’ Would Take Care Of His Wife For ‘Life’; Couple’s Money Plundered In Apparent HYIP/Prime-Bank Hybrid Scheme With Link To Another Swindle

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    Re: One more reason to hate scammer pimps.

    Is it just me, or does the SEC always seems to be a day late and a dollar short more often than not?


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