As I was just reading through this Banners Broker court document, on page 34 this jumped out at me:

"On August 22, 2013, [Chris] Smith attended at the offices of OCRA unannounced and met with Melvin. Smith requested access to the funds in the OCRA/BBIL Account. Melvin advised that, since OCRA had resigned its services, it could not assist. It was suggested to Smith that he seek legal advice and perhaps make enquiries of other corporate service providers regarding a transfer of the administration of BBIL. Smith told Melvin that he had already been to see a number of the "big" corporate service providers operating in the Isle of Man however none of them were prepared to take on the business after conducting Internet searches on the company".

Although I have occasionally targeted especially egregious scammers via expose, or attempted to educate their actual and potential victims as far back as 1998, I'm always appreciative when reading threads here at what a small, dedicated group of people can accomplish when it comes to limiting the horrendous damage that these criminals exact on their marks.

All too often, I'll find myself thinking, "I need to hit the LIKE button on this great post!", then realize that I'm not logged in, then realize that the majority of the posts I've read in the thread deserve the accolade, then realize that the good that has been accomplished on this forum is represented by a larger group of posts and threads than I could ever have time to read. The population of people who dedicate significant time exposing fraud here has grown from a trickle a decade ago to more than I could congratulate by name individually. The regular posters at, along with other diligent investigators/reporters like,,, AMLMSkeptic and have made an immense difference in reducing the number of gullible people who get sucked in to the fraudulent promises of con artists.

Although history indicates that the work will never be completed, I congratulate and appreciate all of you for your steadfast contributions. From what we have been seeing recently, I feel strongly that regulators, law enforcement entities, bankers and attorneys do also!