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Thread: Mainstream Media Monopoly Fraud - YOU Can Help Expose Them All With Ten Emails...

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    Mainstream Media Monopoly Fraud - YOU Can Help Expose Them All With Ten Emails...

    Very seldom do we get the power or the chance to kill a scam. Yes, we can expose them here at but that only warns people. You can now be part of history and save America from the scourge of propaganda being spoon-fed to us as "news".

    Looking back we all wonder how the dell did George W. Bush ever become our President and these days nobody will even admit voting for the guy! The truth is that we were all deceived by the massive media machine which 20 years ago was controlled by over 30 companies, but today only 6 globalist companies controls them all. And here is a confession of a writer who admits being paid extra $ to write and spin exactly what the then-incumbent government wanted and instructed for over 20 years. Just like CNN reporter proved about CNN taking moneys from Uncle Sam to spin the news in the middle East about Bahrain and the Palestinian "terrorists" that were fabricated, just like those famous "incubator babies of Kuwait".

    We have all been programmed just like the Russians and Chinese were in the 1960s and 1970s to believe all the spoon-fed BS created by the MSM and this link proves it all if you take the time to read it... After you read it, you will understand why you never heard about the biggest and most horrible news stories of our time, including...

    * The 2007 Fallujah massacre where American troops used chemical weapons to kill 2,000+ plus civilians (80% were women and children)
    * The Haditha massacre of Iraq - 400+ unarmed civilians murdered in cold blood - Mi Lai fashion by U.S. soldiers/
    * The 1987 Lebanon massacre - Over 300 unarmed civilians gunned down by Israeli troops.
    * Assassinations of reporters and whistle-blowers like John Wheeler and Michael Hastings by Army pros like Colonel George Griggs.
    * The real story behind Noriega's kidnapping (See video documentary "The Panama Deception")
    * How the DNC and RNC trick us into believing that WE THE PEOPLE elect our president
    * The missing nuclear missile from Minot Air Force base that 2 Generals refused to publicly lie for Cheney.
    * The demolitions executed by Americans on 911 and the WTC7 building
    * The BBC caught filming a fabricated "chemical attack" in Syria
    * Anderson Cooper caught faking a "live" broadcast in Iraq while he was in a U.S. studio using a green screen
    * The truth about our Vietnam POWs exposed by Colonel Bo Gritz and Ross Perot
    * The massive drug smuggling into Canada by U.S. officials connected with Jeb Bush
    * The 7% rise in lung cancer rates created by chem trails (Evergreen air is owned by the CIA - Google the story) These chemicals are a reality confirmed by Congressmen Kucinich, Canada's Parliament, and FBI agent Ted Gunderson and no less than 12 former U.S. airmen who flew hundreds of flights in unmarked tanker planes for years.

    We only learned about a handful of the lies when the Brian Williams story came out or when Wikileaks gave us the indisputable proof of Bradley Manning's "Collateral Murder" video that killed 11 unarmed civilians including two Reuters reporters and maimed 2 kids for life. But according to the above link...


    We The People deserve the truth. If you agree, then send this link to everyone you know, or at least 10 of your best friends and ask them to do the same. We are being programmed to fear Muslims and MOST (not all) of the "terrorism" we see are people seeking revenge for the murders of their children, mothers, brothers, killed by illegal drone strikes (they have killed over 300 innocent children, over 2,400 civilians and only 41 "suspected" terrorists). If some invader bombed our home in Madison, Fremont, or Atlanta and we came home from work to see bits and pieces of our children and parents in a bloody mess scattered around the block, we too would grab our guns and go look for the bastards responsible for the cold-blooded murders yes? We would be called "patriots". But Uncle Sam labels all the other people in foreign countries "terrorists". This is all part of the media deception. WE CAN STOP THE DECEPTION ONLY BY EDUCATING OUR NEIGHBORS, FRIENDS, FAMILY, AND COLLEAGUES. Send them this link today and ask them to send it to 10 of their friends and families. And you can cite the below links as further proof...

    The 935 lies of George W. Bush / Yes, you already knew. But now they're actually quantifiable. Like, say, stab wounds - SFGate

    America Now Censors As Much As China Online - Does Canada Do The Same? |

    Our own ignorance, apathy, and indifference allowed this to happen

    If Canadians are smart enough to see what the American government is doing to us with fabricated news, it is clear we have been "dumbed-down" since the Vietnam War Days when we were all proud to protest government fraud. So please get off your butt and make a difference. You are either part of the solution or part of the problem.

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    Re: Mainstream Media Monopoly Fraud - YOU Can Help Expose Them All With Ten Emails...

    Great idea! Count me in.

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