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Thread: FBI Agent Greg Coleman needs to be prosecuted for his crimes & obstruction in 2 murder cases...

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    FBI Agent Greg Coleman needs to be prosecuted for his crimes & obstruction in 2 murder cases...

    FBI Greg Coleman likes to bask in the glow of his fame from the movie "WOLF OF WALL STREET" but in reality he is the true wolf as I found out after reading the book "MURDER ON THE ANDAMAN SEA" by Charles Flynn. Most of us never heard about the murders of Rex Judd and Paul Combs but the guy who murdered them was a pal of Hillary Clinton named Egor Chernov. Ring a bell yet? Chernov and his buds made it possible for Hillary & Bill to facilitate the URANIUM ONE sale after Chernov arranged a huge donation to the Clinton Foundation. Why Hillary Freed Russian Murderer - Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal!

    There was one problem however, the FBI wanted to arrest and prosecute Chernov for the torture and murder of Judd and Combs. Comey and Mueller assigned their hatchet man Greg Coleman to hide the truth and all related evidence so Chernov could not ever be put on a witness stand where to save his own ass, he would implicate Hillary.

    Based on what I have been reading Coleman could have prevented the murder of Paul Combs but chose not to. For those of you who think this is insane, just do a little homework on the Whitey Bulger case exposed on 60 minutes. Watch 60 Minutes Overtime: Whitey Bulger's relationship with the FBI - Full show on CBS All Access

    A brief intro on Coleman is here Is there any reason FBI Agent Greg Coleman should NOT be arrested and prosecuted for massive corruption in this outrageous murder case? | Open Letter

    Coleman has also been one of the most identified FBI interrogators who have using torture to interrogate even American citizens on U.S. soil and helping to kidnap "suspects" all around the world without court orders nor "probable cause". At least 5 people he tortured turned out to be the wrong person. He must be held accountable. Russian vs. U.S. Human Rights | Common Dreams Views

    Amnesty International even wants FBI Greg Coleman prosecuted for war crimes Amnesty: Ten global hotspots for major human rights violations in 2017

    FBI Agents take an oath to enforce the law no matter who broke it. When they start enforcing the law selectively, based on political preferences, or to cover up their very own crimes, its game over for democracy. Even TIME did a cover story on FBI corruption last year. The FBI Is in Crisis Mode and America Is Paying the Price | Time
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