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Thread: Does Oprah Really Endorse Any of These Scams?

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    Does Oprah Really Endorse Any of These Scams?

    If I could find a few phrases to sum up what most people have to say when these scammers flaunt the names of these celebrities, I would.

    OPRAH says

    I am glad to see that none other than that raving lunatic or already condemned Internet criminal, Jill Backman from Adlandpro has had the audacity to name the Queen of England as being a member of some dark cabal who will be defeated by her Mountain of Love clowns.

    HRH ignores those who do not ammuse her but what about celebs like OPRAH?

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    Re: Does Oprah Really Endorse Any of These Scams?

    There's not much chance of Oprah doing anything.

    A quick Google of "my guardian angel + Oprah" will return you thousands of almost identical hits claiming the scheme was featured on Oprah and 20/20.

    It's a $5.00 chain letter.
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    Re: Does Oprah Really Endorse Any of These Scams?

    And Paypal issued a very clear warning of how they regard it some years back. Immediate account freezing is usually the result when I send them information about another chain letter scammer posting that thing.

    Although sometimes the scammer doesn't get the clue and keeps re-posting and spamming it anyway.
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