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Thread: Dallas College / DCCCD Richland Campus Music Advising Derrick Logozzo / Melissa Logan Out of State Tuition Nightmare

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    Re: Dallas College / DCCCD Richland Campus Music Advising Derrick Logozzo / Melissa Logan Out of State Tuition Nightmare

    Current Employee
    Restructuring and lack of transparency
    Aug 20, 2021 - Administrative Assistant in Pindamonhangaba

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    There is good paid vacation time with a week off for holidays throughout the year as well as a week off at both Spring Break and Christmas.

    The college is currently going through a restructuring process which is causing a lot of problems for students, faculty, and staff. There is a huge shortage in people to assist students since many qualified individuals have been laid off during this restructuring process and staffing open positions has been a very slow process. There is not a sufficient level of transparency for those who work at the college which has created an atmosphere of uncertainty and frustration.

    Current Employee, more than 10 years
    The Socialist Democrat arrived here long ago and have finally exposed their ugly heads
    Aug 27, 2021 - Facility Executive in Dallas, TX

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    Days off and insurance the only Pro's left here.

    Leftist Socialist Democrats embedded in the culture have finally rose from their dark dungeon destroying employee morale and motivation. Incompetency over rules competency as long as you are willing to give up your dignity and obey the Masters without question. Comply without question, money and waste is no object only blind devotion and ignorance except to do what's told.

    Current Employee, more than 5 years
    Seven Campuses, No Clues
    Aug 27, 2021 - Anonymous Employee

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    It’s available if you’re mediocre… you’ll fit in nicely.

    Lack of respect, low pay, screaming children racing through hallways, clueless management, bias

    Current Employee, more than 5 years
    Used to be great
    Aug 30, 2021 - Administrative Assistant II in Dallas, TX

    XCEO Approval
    XBusiness Outlook

    Generous Salary Good Benefits Free College for Employees/Dependents

    Major district restructuring Many Layoffs of good and productive employees Very low morale. Employees are scared and exhausted

    Current Employee, more than 8 years
    What a mess - do not work here!
    Aug 31, 2021 - Advisor in Irving, TX

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    OBusiness Outlook

    There are just none now... It is unimaginable how something so good has dissolved into a lot of nothing, headed by people who seem not to care and with no compassion or interest in pursuing a necessarily flawed plan.

    This is the most immoral, unethical place on the planet. The reorg is just about as successful as Joe Biden's withdrawal from Afghanistan. The place is a dumpster fire. Student Success is nothing more than social service agency. Faculty are disenfranchised and staff are kicked like they are dogs.

    The college presidents and upper administration have no idea who works on their campuses or what is going on as the reorganization put many employees under the 7 schools which in some cases are totally unorganized messes that are still shuffling people around and getting new people in.

    There is no organizational chart, so the top brass and everyone else on the planet can't contact or find needed people. It is like a cross county hide and seek as no one knows who is doing what or where they actually are located.

    And, the police were called out to Fannin Hall again. The drama and trauma in that department Derrick Logozzo has run into the ground never ends.
    Anyone needing assistance please feel free to use this e-mail in addition to the PM system here to contact me: soapboxmom@hotmail.com

    Dallas College Richland Campus Music Advising Derrick Logozzo / Melissa Logan / Not NASM Accredited / Out of State Tuition Nightmare!

    Love some Bunny! I do!

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    Re: NASM Accredited??? DCCCD Richland College Music Advising Derrick Logozzo / Melissa Logan Out of State Tuition Nightm

    02-13-2020, 08:57 pm
    Quote Originally Posted by soapboxmom View Post
    As usual in the music department it was skip day. In my jazz combo with 10 students enrolled, 3 never bothered to show up today. Of 8 class meetings so far for this spring semester (2x a week) the department darlings have managed to show 2 or in one case 3 times in total. These students skipped class more than half the time last semester (Fall 19) and missed scheduled performances as well. But, being the joke of a program it is, Derrick Logozzo retained these students as music majors as is routinely done for students that can't be bothered to come to class and/or fail music theory, music literature and their core classes. Any barely warm body qualifies as a music major at Richland College.
    03-13-2020, 11:06 pm
    Quote Originally Posted by soapboxmom View Post
    Attachment 24419

    I am in class with Richland's own Dumb and Dumber. The jazz combo class we are in has met 16 times. Dumb has shown up about 7 times and his poor private lesson teacher wanders the building and pops into ensemble rehearsals searching for him as he doesn't appear for his lesson. Dumber has shown up about 6 times and skipped our first performance. This is extraordinarily disrespectful to the professor and all of us that are in the same ensemble. Since they have been no shows, I have the task of switching parts and covering their part on keyboard. I love playing, but having to do this toward the end of the semester seriously hurts the group and leaves me having to spend a great deal of time working on that material, when I could have covered their part from day 1. Not to mention our class of ten has a member who has attended a whopping 2 class sessions of 16 and another one who is barely above the 50% attendance mark as well. I have no interest in having these clowns in class with the rest of us who are serious students.

    Let's look at attendance policies for performing ensembles at real schools:
    UNT states:
    There is a basic attendance policy for all music education courses. Students cannot miss more than 3 classes in a given semester for each music education course (not counting university excused absences.) if more than 3 classes are missed, the student will earn an "f" for the semester grade for that course. Instructors may have more stringent policies than this basic policy.....

    Ensemble policies
    attendance, grading, and concert attire
    university band
    fall 2019 â– brett penshorn, conductor
    mulb 1813.501 / mulb 5173.506
    monday/wednesday 3:30-5:30 pm
    murchison performing arts center: Instrumental rehearsal room
    the goal of any policy statement is to preserve the quality of the music making experience for all involved. Early
    communication is the best way to handle any problems that may arise.
    1. Musicians cannot be excused from any rehearsals or performances.
    2. Events that are beyond your control, such as serious illness or family emergencies will be considered on a case-bycase
    basis and will be handled by the conductor of the ensemble.
    3. In the event of an emergency absence, direct communication with the conductor is essential upon return. If at all possible,
    please call in advance of the absence.
    4. In case of absence, an explanation should be offered well in advance of the next rehearsal. Please make an appointment
    speak with the conductor personally at a time other than just before or just after a rehearsal. Once again, communication is the
    best way to handle attendance issues.
    The wind studies phone number is: (940) 565-3737
    email address: brett.penshorn@my.unt.edu
    office hours: Mpacx 114, by appointment
    student grades are based on the following:
    1. Preparation, performance, and positive contribution
    2. Attendance at rehearsals, recording sessions, and performances
    grading scale: Absences grade
    0 = a
    1 = b
    2 = c
    3 = d
    4 = f

    note: Absence from a dress rehearsal, recording session, or performance will also result in a failing grade. students who receive
    a failing grade must confer with the conductor to determine future ensemble status.

    musicians should be in their seats five minutes prior to tuning. Two tardies equal one absence. It is recommended that students keep open the hour prior to their scheduled rehearsal time to minimize the possibility of being late....
    UTA states:
    The university of texas at arlington
    department of music
    marching band
    musi 0101.001
    fall 2017
    m/w/tr, 5:30-7:30p.m., room stad 117
    dr. Chris evans
    fine arts building 314
    817-272-1049 (office)
    email: christopher.evans@uta.edu
    faculty profile: dr chris evans | explore university of texas at arlington
    course description
    marching band is open to all students by audition and presents 6-8 shows throughout the semester.
    Student learning outcomes:
    1. Improve each individualâ’s musicianship through rehearsing and performing at the highest levels of
    artistic expression.
    2. Provide a familiarity with effective marching pedagogical techniques.
    3. Perform a balance of repertoire for the marching activity.
    4. Encourage each individualâ’s artistic and technical development while working toward goals for the
    5. Provide and foster the pedagogical and performance standards applicable in any performance or
    educational situation.
    Course organization:
    A full performance schedule is posted at:
    the department of music at ut arlington
    as the instructor for this course, i reserve the right to adjust this schedule in any way that serves the
    educational needs of the students enrolled in this course. â–christopher j. Evans
    grading and attendance policies:

    1. Performers will be evaluated on the basis of their preparation and performance.
    2. attendance is required at all rehearsals, sectionals, and performances. You are training to become a professional; therefore being present and on time is viewed as a minimal responsibility.
    3. it is your responsibility to professionally prepare all parts assigned. We do not rehearse to practice.
    4. An unexcused absence from rehearsal may result in a lowered grade by one letter.
    5. Two tardies = one absence (tardy goes into effect if rehearsal has begun).
    6. An absence from a performance may result in a failing grade.
    7. Tardiness for a performance call time may result in the overall grade lowered by one letter.
    8. Emergencies, and extenuating circumstances will be dealt with on an individual basis in consultation with the director. Illnesses will only be excused with a doctor’s note. Everyone is affected when you miss, therefore attendance is not only required, but is an extremely important
    part of this class.

    9. Absence notifications or requests must be emailed to the instructor prior to rehearsal. The
    instructor will be the arbiter of what is considered excused.
    10. Students must return all university-owned equipment (i.e. Instruments/uniforms) in order to
    receive a passing grade.
    11. There will be performances and/or rehearsals that occur outside of the scheduled time for the class......

    Jazz combo: if you must miss a rehearsal or friday master-class for an excused reason, you are expected to find a sub and get approval from the professor ahead of time. if you do not get prior authorization from
    the professor in writing or via email, your participation grade will be reduced one-half letter grade for
    each occurrence. Failure to find a sub for an excused absence will result in an unexcused absence.
    Attendance at all concerts and group recording listed is required (absence from any of these
    events is an automatic â“fâ” in this class.) attendance will be taken each period. Late arrivals will not be accepted as punctual attendance is expected as an indication of professionalism, respect to the rest of your group members, and personal commitment to a very competitive profession and to the university.
    Texas A & M Commerce states:
    symphonic band
    mus 100b.011
    spring 2018 course orientation
    allan f. Goodwin, conductor meeting time: M-w-f 2:00-3:50 pm
    office: Music building 191 location: Rehearsal hall
    office phone: (903) 886-5292 mus 113
    e-mail: allan.goodwin@tamuc.edu office hours: By appointment
    course description
    mus 100b.011 (symphonic band) is a one credit-hour course designed primarily for music majors, both
    graduate and undergraduate. The goal is to provide members a performance experience with a broad range of repertoire of the highest level, including both large ensemble works and chamber music.
    Student learning objectives
    at the conclusion of the course the student will be able to: 1) exhibit accurate individual, sectional and
    ensemble intonation and rhythm along with fundamental and advanced instrumental techniques while
    performing a varied repertoire of music within the ensemble; 2) perform expressively a varied repertoire of music representing styles and diverse cultures within the ensemble; 3) utilize standard musical terminology to describe intervals, music notation, chord structure, rhythm/meter, harmonic texture, form, and music symbols and terms referring to dynamics, tempo, and articulation; 4) utilize problem-solving skills to identify and correct problems with pitch, rhythm/meter, articulation, phrasing, and dynamics within a rehearsal setting.
    your final grade will be determined by:
    1. Preparation of music prior to rehearsals
    2. Preparation of music for sectionals
    3. Degree of professionalism exhibited in rehearsals and performances
    4. Attendance and promptness to performances (including dress rehearsals, sound checks and concerts)
    5. Attendance and promptness to all rehearsals (see below)
    6. Attendance and promptness to sectionals as called
    required sectionals
    sectionals will be held on a weekly basis. The principal player in each section is responsible for coordinating sectionals and informing Mr. Goodwin of absences from sectionals via the online sectional attendance form.
    Principal player’s grades are additionally dependent on timely communication with section members, leading weekly sectionals and submitting detailed sectional report forms.
    Attendance policy
    since each member of the symphonic band is critical to the success of the ensemble, all students are required to be present at each rehearsal and called sectional.
    â• one unexcused absence = a maximum grade of b
    â• two unexcused absence = a maximum grade of c
    â• three unexcused absence = a maximum grade of d
    â• four unexcused absence = a maximum grade of f

    an unexcused absence from a performance may result in an automatic grade of f and dismissal from the ensemble. Tardies accumulate at the rate of two unexcused tardies = one unexcused absence.
    Note: Excused absences are defined as illness (with a note from a physician), verifiable family emergency, or a university related event or activity (with prior approval). Courtesy dictates notifying the instructor in advance of an absence whenever possible so that rehearsal plans may be altered as needed. Failure to notify the instructor may result in the absence being classified unexcused.
    Substitute policy any ensemble member unable to be in rehearsal (whether excused or unexcused) is required to secure a qualified substitute player to cover his/her part in their absence. A qualified sub is defined as a current member of a concert ensemble one level above that for which a rehearsal is missed. A symphonic band member may substitute for a concert band member, and a wind ensemble member my sub for a symphonic band player,
    etc. It is the responsibility of the ensemble member to provide all relevant materials (music, etc.) to the substitute player in advance of the intended absence.

    university mission statement
    texas a&m university-commerce provides a personal educational experience for a diverse community of lifelong learners. Our purpose is to discover and disseminate knowledge for leadership and service in an
    interconnected and dynamic world. Our challenge is to nurture partnerships for the intellectual, cultural, social, and economic vitality of texas and beyond.
    Music department mission statement
    the music department of texas a&m university-commerce promotes excellence in music through the
    rigorous study of music history, literature, theory, composition, pedagogy, and the preparation of music
    performance in applied study and ensembles to meet the highest standards of aesthetic expression.
    DCCCD's Richland College Music Department is not a legitimate program. These students that skip class are given As & Bs and retained in this mess of a program to the detriment of all. I demand that Derrick Logozzo and Melissa Logan be removed and the department be brought up to the proper standard for a music program.
    Dumb and Dumber, who have had 20-30% attendance in ensembles and skipped performances are still on campus wasting their financial aid and their parents' money pursuing music. In their third year of gaming and playing around, 1 is in Freshman Music Theory 1 and the other who was a beginner on his instrument, had some of his parts written out by me and me covering his part on keyboard is wallowing in Music Theory 3 (Sophomore level.) No real music school would have retained these clowns. They are just partying on the taxpayers' and their parents' dime. They have plenty of company that is there for year 3,4,5, or 6 and have no hope whatsoever of making any living with music.

    These students are not getting marketable job skills. They have been successful in using up all of their financial aid eligible hours on music nonsense. They will face out of state tuition at Texas Universities which financial aid does not cover if they are among the handful that transfer. I bet that like the vast majority they will never graduate with an Associate's Degree much less a Bachelor's Degree.

    This joke of a department that is filling chairs for $$$$ that has no discernible standards (making everyone that walks in the door a music major) and gives students of this caliber, level and work ethic As and Bs lost its accreditation for good reason. Once Dr. Wallace left the department started going downhill. Dr. Crawford leaving was the beginning of the end. Derrick Logozzo has gone rogue and totally destroyed the Music Department.
    Anyone needing assistance please feel free to use this e-mail in addition to the PM system here to contact me: soapboxmom@hotmail.com

    Dallas College Richland Campus Music Advising Derrick Logozzo / Melissa Logan / Not NASM Accredited / Out of State Tuition Nightmare!

    Love some Bunny! I do!

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    Re: Dallas College / DCCCD Richland Campus Music Advising Derrick Logozzo / Melissa Logan Out of State Tuition Nightmare

    The Dallas College campuses are covered in TVs. Richland Campus TVs are advertising classes that don't exist, haven't made for years, were removed from the schedule or are only offered on other campuses.
    Attachment 24714

    The disgraced Department Chair, Derrick Logozzo, no longer has any classes. Before his name was sanitized from the schedule he placed all of the students in his personal class (Big Band Jazz Ensemble) and all the other ensembles listed were removed from the schedule. Logozzo has destroyed that program and kept students from working with the incredible adjuncts who should have the jazz students. The Fusion Band and the Jazz Combo should be offered going forward. With Derrick Logozzo apparently on his way out the door, he won't be there in the future to trick students into 3-4 ensembles per semester instead of the 1 ensemble per semester that will transfer (4 total for degree and transfer.)
    Attachment 24720

    Richland College hasn't offered any of the Recording / Audio Tech classes for years. Those classes and the many associated degrees are exclusively offered at the Cedar Valley Campus. Derrick Logozzo's lies about double majoring in that should have gotten him removed years ago. It is outright fraud to lure students into Richland with programs that do not exist.

    Chamber Woodwinds, Chamber Brass and the Richland Percussion Group did not make and with students only allowed to transfer 4 ensemble credits total, they will not likely make in the future. Instrumentalists can transfer Wind Symphony or the String Orchestra, but not likely the small groups.
    Attachment 24718

    Melissa Logan left in July. Opera Workshop has not been offered for several years. Voice class will not transfer for Music majors. It is supposed to be built into the private voice lessons as a studio class. Community members might like the voice class described in the course catalogue that is for beginners.

    These TVs everywhere are a waste of money and the stuff going up is garbage. Enough!IMG_0240.jpgIMG_0233.jpgIMG_0245.jpgIMG_0235.jpg
    Last edited by Soapboxmom; 09-18-2021 at 08:56 AM.
    Anyone needing assistance please feel free to use this e-mail in addition to the PM system here to contact me: soapboxmom@hotmail.com

    Dallas College Richland Campus Music Advising Derrick Logozzo / Melissa Logan / Not NASM Accredited / Out of State Tuition Nightmare!

    Love some Bunny! I do!

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