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Thread: Crestcom International Franchise

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    Crestcom International Franchise

    These people are nothing more than "dream pimps." Stay away from Crestcom and The Entrepreneurs Source they are all smoke and mirrors and they are only in the business of selling franchises, not helping you succeed. They are only interested in lining their own pockets.

    All right so I bought a franchise and it didn't work out. So, there are no guarantees, right. Well when you spend 60 k for "dated" references, marketing and sales material that are a "work in progress" and no support would you feel reamed. Yes, this guys wouldn't even lift a finger to help buy back or sell the worthless garbage they pawned off on me. The rules are; you get dropped off the UFOC so the other poor saps can't even contact me or any other suckers who they ripped off. When your trying to sell training (an intangible product) to small business owners you think you have a finished product. NO, after having memorized a 30 minute script word for word it was scrapped and redone. By this time I was out of money and unable to support the business. They could have cared less.
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