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Thread: Attraction marketing therory is dead!!

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    Attraction marketing therory is dead!!


    The Truth About Attraction Marketing
    From Michael Ladd
    I’m so tired of all the bulls#%t surrounding the infamous ‘attraction marketing’ theory…
    Now don’t get me wrong, a few years ago a handful of people made it HUGE by promoting it…so in their case, it’s not a ‘theory’.
    Today, however, is a DIFFERENT TIME!
    The term ‘attraction marketing’ is used, abused and down right sickening because now it’s creating TREMENDOUS roadkill in the already damaged industry of network marketing.
    And the fact of the matter is, it doesn’t have to be that way.
    People just need to realize, there is no MAGIC in creating a substantial income from home.
    It takes the LOVE of the industry and what it stands for, the core, basic fundamentals, a true desire to help yourself and others and most importantly… SELF DEVELOPMENT!
    Of course you will need to add some elbow grease and creativity too.
    So if you’ve been caught up in the ‘attraction marketing’ hype…
    My recommendation is…
    Go back to your company first to see if they have suitable training but if you don’t feel they do…
    Then find yourself a place that does. I give you plenty of things to look for in the video when evaluating a coaching/training program
    Or…*Skype me mladd1361 or leave message on FaceBook I will point you in a safe direction.
    Until next time…
    Nothing but LOVE & FUN + DOWN & DIRTY…

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    Re: Attraction marketing therory is dead!!

    Back with yet another account, Mike? What ever happened to "look before you leap" or "put mind in gear before operating mouth?"
    Leaving spoor that clearly identifies you with past spam is hardly smart marketing in your case.
    If you are in Prosper With Integrity, and do not like that your personal information has been published here, please talk to these good people:

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    Re: Attraction marketing therory is dead!!

    I will point you in a safe direction.

    How can that be when you are stating that you are still looking for that 'safe' online wealth job??
    Don't get ripped off!! Stay informed!


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