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Thread: Alex Beseiso & Beseiso Trading Inc

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    Alex Beseiso & Beseiso Trading Inc

    Our country of peoples republic of china utilized and funded a Canadian company to help some of our government funded schools English teachers, our partner utilized a company called Beseiso Trading Inc (BTI), when a person named Alex Beseiso Reached out to our partner in Canada and offered his services to them, for an upfront retainer payment of $1,000.00 Canadian dollars, this sounded good and all to us so we told our partner to proceed with the transaction, the scope of the work according to the contract written by Mr. Alex Beseiso was that once the upfront retainer was received on his end, that he would send our partner 10 qualified prospected ESL teachers, this contract was signed on August 26th, 2014, our partnerís company waited from late August until late January with no success, and zero deliver on Alex Beseisoís promise, so our partner called to ask for a receipt of the retainer payment so this money could be written off in our partnerís taxes, Alex Beseiso became very irate and said that he would deny his involvement with our partner if he was to be brought before a judge with our partner (when our partner never threatened to take him to court he just wanted to write off the money for federal tax purposes), and would claim this whole deal was a misunderstanding even though he had a contract in place, fortunately the Canadian government allowed our partner to use the contract as a receipt and with bank statements to claim the money back through tax credits, but our government urges everyone to be careful with this gentlemen, who either uses his services to find work for themselves personally or for companies using him to find workers for their company

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    Re: Alex Beseiso & Beseiso Trading Inc

    See, this is where I have a hard time differentiating between companies genuinely involved in the recruitment of ESL teachers for the Chinese market and fraudulent operators trying to cash in on the industry.

    "peoplesrepublicofchina" you are not in the Peoples' Republic of China neither is the company you claim to represent.

    Both you and the company are based in Canada and you are posting from a Canadian IP address.

    As a matter of fact, the company you claim has been defrauded has been named in other threads on this forum as being one to avoid due to its' allegedly shady practices

    Behave yourself or I'll name names.
    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

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    Re: Alex Beseiso & Beseiso Trading Inc

    well as the embassy is usually located out of china yes your correct, and its your word against the PRC embassy, and your in no place to tell us to behave ourselves as we can save you the trouble of naming names, you approached David Valley who owns the valley organization, you were aware of the bad reviews long before you offered him your services according to the recordings, he never reached out to you, you reached out to him, you knew about these shady practices and still did business with that company? and this will go mainstream online once the other review people on other job review websites catch wind of this thread as you claim and mentioned previously that this company and person are already on many forums and review sites already, good luck continuing to do business,

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    Re: Alex Beseiso & Beseiso Trading Inc

    Hey David Valley,

    I am Alex Beseiso , from Beseiso Trading Inc.

    It is important to point out that the retainer of $1000 was taken partly to study the opportunity you presented us with. With clear marking, that is a NON-REFUNDABLE payment. After careful review, and study. It was clear that you were way underpaying any teachers that would be sent to china, and placing them in unacceptable conditions. And you were placing these teachers under threat if they don't complete there contract they are on the hook for the plane ticket to china and back ( and any teacher accepting such low pay conditions, can not afford the plane ticket, all while you were cashing in triple their expected salary)

    At Beseiso Trading , we are very interested at making profit, for us and our partners. But will never make a profit at the cost of our morals.

    That is the basis of our conflict. While a few more matters did arise, they are well beyond the scope of this text.

    However, we would be more than pleased to do business with you again, only if you adhere to our quality condition, and fair pay to employees. And allow us the contractual authority to view and insure these conditions are met.

    Kind Regards,

    Alex Beseiso,
    Beseiso Trading Inc.

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