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Thread: templar/mason ego fights

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    templar/mason ego fights

    debunking of freemasonry links to ye olde Knight Templars
    firstly..... freemasons are not the historical Knight Templars and can never per the numerous still active Papal bulls....

    They all state that Freemasonry is incompatible with Christianity...just a plain simple truth...ecumenical or not. Besides they didn’t exist as anything but a guild until the mid 1700’s when Napoleon gave the stonemasons’ guild a boost because he was afraid of losing power and his head if the looming revolution took hold.

    The Masons and one crazy scot have trademarked the terms though in the USA and Scotland... and are Knight Templars of Masonry...nothing to do with the Christian historical links. Secondly, this is further proven by the writing of (the then Freemason head of Scotland) Albert Mackey in chapter x and xxix of his published history of Scottish masonry in Scotland ....he admits it’s a false claim...and uses the information he has found on real Templars to invent the freemasons Yorke rite ...loosely based upon this found about 1870 he published his book admitting all this. Thirdly the Masons are not bad or evil people just because they are masons...
    Freemasons just do not have, and can never have, true Templar links. They are very generous in charity and worthy of praise for these deeds though and unfortunately have used a name they erroneously thought to be defunct in order to start a new group within their ranks.

    see here for a start ; Masonic Knights Templar Legends

    Coil's Masonic Encyclopedia also adds,
    "This theory of Templar origin which, mythical as it is and wholly unsubstantiated by the authority of history, has exercised a vast influence in the fabrication of advanced Degrees and the invention of Continental Rites."

    Since Freemasonry became more than a guild in the 1700’s the Catholic Church has set to separate itself from these very misguided souls,

    Some Documents of the past and the present Pope(s) on Masonry:

    CLEMNE XII In Eminenti, const. 24 Apr. 1738
    BENEDICT XIV Providas, const. 18 May 1751
    PIUS VII Ecclesiam a Jesu Christo, const. 13 Sept.
    1821LEO XII Quo Graviora, const. 13 Mar. 1825
    PIUS VIII Traditi Humilitati, ency. 24 May 1829
    GREGORY XVI Mirari Vos, encyc. 15 Aug. 1832
    PIUS IX Qui Pluribus, encyc. 9 Nov. 1846
    LEO XIII Humanum Genus, encyc. 20 Apr. 1884
    LEO XIII Dall' Alto Dell' Opostolico, Seggio, encyc.
    LEO XIII Inimica Vos, encyc. 8 Dec. 1892,.
    LEO XIII Custodi Di Quella Fede, encyc. 8 Dec. 1892

    If you have no starting bias it is easy and logical to see this is a fact and not for debate.

    Cardinal Ratzinger from the latest Vatican document. 1983 AD... Ps. He is the present Pope. Here are some of his words:

    "The Declaration of the Sacred Congregation; affirms that membership in Masonic Associations remain forbidden by the Church and the Faithful who enrol in them are in a state of grave sin, and may not receive Holy Communion or the Sacraments. It confirms to the faithful that membership in a Masonic Lodge is unlawful. It warns them such membership is incompatible with the Catholic Faith."

    As do other churches, such as the Southern Baptist Church, here they outline position on freemasonry, and state they do not recognise freemasons

    About Us - Basic Beliefs
    Quakers and even the Amish reject it publicly as shown here.
    Christianity and American Freemasonry - Google Books

    The Anglican Church and Synod also has the same opinion of Freemasons.

    here is a link that shows the Anglican/COE stance;

    It is just another frocked up freemason group and also under continual investigation calling themselves Common Purpose

    Let us face facts , no real Christian Church does accept it. But some people always want more, so feast on these tidbits;
    CHAPTER XXIX of THE STORY OF THE SCOTTISH TEMPLARS (from The History of Freemasonry, Albert G. Mackey) ends this chapter with these wise words...not that our Canadian Senior Masonic story writer or Masonic leader of OSMTH USA would like you to know...

    “On the contrary, it is supposed to have been the fabrication of Michael Ramsay in the 18th Century. On this subject the remarks of Bro. Lyon, who has made the Masonry of Scotland his especial study, are well worth citation. "The ritual of the Royal Order of Scotland embraces," he says, "what may be termed a spiritualization of the supposed symbols and ceremonies of the Christian architects and builders of primitive times, and so closely associates the sword with the trowel as to lead to the second degree being denominated an order of Masonic knighthood, which its recipients are asked to believe was first conferred on the field of Bannockburn, as a reward for the valour that had been displayed by a body of Templars who aided Bruce in that memorable victory; and that afterward a Grand Lodge of the Order was established by the King at Kilwinning, with the reservation of the office of Grand Master to him and his successors on the Scottish throne. It is further asserted that the Royal Order and the Masonic Fraternity of Kilwinning were governed by the same head. As regards the claims to antiquity, and a royal origin that are advanced in favour of this rite, it is proper to say that modern inquiries have shown these to be purely fabulous. The credence that is given to that part of the legend which associates the Order with the ancient Lodge of Kilwinning is based on the assumed certainty that Lodge possessed in former times a knowledge of other degrees of Masonry than those of St. John. But such is not the case. The fraternity of Kilwinning never at any period practiced or acknowledged other than the Craft degrees; neither does there exist any tradition worthy of the name, local or national, nor has any authentic document yet been discovered that can in the remotest degree be held to identify Robert Bruce with the holding of Masonic Courts, or the institution of a secret society at Kilwinning."
    1 "History of the Lodge of Edinburgh," by David Murray Lyon, chap. xxxii., P. 307.

    Freemasons would now ask you to believe that the Soldiers of Christ were armed with trowels and rejected Christ,... although the mason’s themselves couldn’t find any links..... For these historical Templars to have indeed become Masons, they must have been demoted from the highest of their society to the lowest of freemen and manual labourers...and yet our modern OSMTH2 USA masons want you to believe the Templar remnants willingly transformed themselves into Stonemasons and hired labourers .... a fairy tale too absurd to for even the most simple of folk surely, but not to strange evidently for these deceptive self serving freemasons.

    The freemasons are not honest in their dealings and are working towards expansion of their club’s influence and not the Churches.
    As I have stated and shown; you do not have to be Christian to be a Masonic styled templar, you could actually be a Rosicrucian, ending up being a devil worshipper of Baphomet. Heaven forbid if your skin was not white... or worse you were a Catholic!


    What Are the Masons?

    To be a Freemason, one must:

    1. be a man who comes of his own free will
    2. believe in a Supreme Being, or, in some jurisdictions, a Creative Principle (unless joining a jurisdiction with no religious requirement, as in the Continental tradition),
    3. be at least the minimum age (18 - 25 years depending on the jurisdiction, but commonly 21),
    4. be of sound mind, body and of good morals, and
    5. be free (or "born free", i.e. not born a slave or bondsman),
    6. have one or two references from current Masons (depending on jurisdiction).

    Point 2... You do not have to be Christian to be Templar with them?...incredible!
    Point 5...they support slavery even today and refuse ex-slaves.

    Mackey’s Landmarks

    Albert Pike (1809-91), 33° Mason...
    "That which we must say to a crowd is - We worship a God, but it is the God that one adores without superstition. To you, Sovereign Grand Inspectors General, we say this, that you may repeat it to the Brethren of the 32nd, 31st, and 30th degrees - The Masonic Religion should be, by all of us initates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian Doctrine. "
    Or for fun look here

    In order to proceed further in modern Templar debunking, I need to state that there will be some deliberate spelling errors of names.

    So who are the modern groups claiming to be Templar descendants or continuations?

    The main modern fraudulent Templar pretenders / protagonists are:

    SMOTJ Belgian based and founded in the 1800’s after many schisms most of the neo groups try to add or incorporate this title into their names, It was originally a 1850’s Swiss established group led by a homosexual freemason club founded out of respect for the Templar ethos , this group in reality ceased to be in 1943 after the unscrupulous theft of their documents and their leaders unfortunate death in a car accident and this theft by a Portuguese pretender led to the renaming of the club and OSMTH1 to be founded in 1947.

    OSMTH1 ”the 1943 stolen/1947 founded neo club, commonly known as the Sovereign Fon group”,

    OSMTH2 “the 1998 founded Masonic Supremes copy” is yet another splinter group evolving from the OSMTH 1(est 1943), this group tries to ignore any truth or history and go as far as publishing their own propaganda profusely to hide their fake origins, they are the most internet savvy group of modern times.

    OSMTH3 Strangely SKT OCMTH’’s magical fairy Lieutenant McG invented another schism in 2008 by promulgating the old OSMTH SAE’s Font’s falsified retirement notice in 2008 and by also hand-picking a supposed replacement. SKT OCMTH’s new pet Patron Roserya. It seems HH Roserya is willing to espouse and uphold the Masonic ban to a new level of paranoia and ludicrousness, with people being sanctioned for even knowing anything about masons. He is quite obsessive on this issue and is leading both the SKT OCMTH and OSMTH3 Sovereigns’ at this time( both are very small Catholic only offshoots of OSMTH 1). The retirement of Fon is a quite a fabrication as it is easy to find him on the net doing the rounds of OSMTH 1&2 meetings as guest of honour etc in 2009 and 2010. Just more easily disproven lies from the terrible SKT OCMTH unfortunately.

    OSMTHU “the 1990 founded unionists who tried to oust the masons diplomatically but lost and in turn became a masonic extension and are now quite openly led by a freemason”.

    IFA “another 1990’s clean out the freemasons attempt by the anti mason/ pro Catholic group; “This failed and the IFA or international federative alliance has become another badge collectors heaven for templar pretenders” This group still exists despite the many attempts of the other clubs to close them. In reality they do nothing but talk about what they might do next year and collect fees and badges. This club is ’technically’ accepting of Anglicans, Church of England, Church of Scotland and any other Christian group but does show an active preference towards Catholics. Interestingly the head of SKT OCMTH( who was a founding member) led a Protestant purge of his membership via their American Grand Prior in the mid 90’s which resulted in non-catholic Christians being ostracised. This has resulted in the neo club being reviled or ignored by all modern Christian churches.

    SKT OCMTH , the smallest of the neo-clubs and possibly the most interesting. They claim a 1963 claim to establishment( est.1980 actually)...and lately have tried to claim ancestry via a string of unrelated land deeds with the word Templar somewhere in them. These poor souls really have forked tongues and limited intelligence. They really were formed in the mid 1980’s and reinvented themselves yet again in late 2009 after another schism and are anti everything but Catholicism (but the Catholic Church hates them with a passion as they tend to lie about church association and ethos) and have recently conducted persecution and expulsions of protestant, women and anyone smart enough to question their so called “historical claims”. Beware this neo group; they are constantly persecuting their own members and are generally ignored... but do make interesting reading and mental health subjects. This group is tyrannically led by a Scot who, with his increasing age, unfortunately struggles with reality and expels anyone who questions the constant lies he tells.

    OCCPTS./OSMTH USA, as always with anything of repute, the freemasons try to get involved “a current USA military boys club” (established in 1998 ) Originally they called themselves the OCCPTS but after they had embarrassed themselves enough with lies and an opportunity to steal a credible name (via trademark law) arrived they reformed under OSMTH USA. They have lamely attempted to lay a claim to fame via the Templar myths. The proof (above) on masonic association and the Church proves beyond doubt these unfortunates to be fantasy propagators’ but more proof will be presented for those poor souls still in denial.

    Let us face it the vox is extant!
    Masons reconstituted the name for their elite, that is true …but there are no more Templars in the old meaning of the word. A Christian cannot call themselves a Templar without disobeying the Churches guidance and losing the right to confession and the sacrements.

    More on the other groups has been gathered but I will save it for another time.

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    Re: templar/mason ego fights

    Turned this SOB into Stop Fraud dot gov. Screw him. Any ponzi forums that this scam is listed on?? LOoking for a contact number. Cant find it.
    If its listed at the Talk Gold ponzi and crime forum its a SCAM.

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    Re: templar/mason ego fights

    Did you have something to say /add ? English is not my language and sometimes/usually I misread the tone/message in shortened answers
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    Re: templar/mason ego fights

    Unsure of your meaning

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    Re: templar/mason ego fights

    Hmmm very strange reply! Trowel and Compass owner perhaps ?
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    Re: templar/mason ego fights

    Looks like he a Sinclair or Rosslyn temple follower...all the rage but only a pretty story in reality.
    The Sinclairs were a good family who later changed their name to the one we now know as St Clair or St Claire.
    There is a fairy story written in 1956 about bloodlines invented by disgraced draughtsman Peirre Plantard ( all the Priory of Scion stuff evolves from this book) and he freely admitted he made it all up but nobody disbelieves Tom Hanks....
    Then there is the rubbish the modern St Clair's is true William Sinclair toured the Crusades...but he was never a Templar.
    In fact he gave evidence against the Templars in 1309 at the Hoyrood Abbey trial and thus against the Templar Church. So any possible thought that a Sinclair was a Templar is just ludicrous , in fact the Sinclairs were busy trying to steal Templar lands by testifying against them.

    Now the Rosslyn Chapel was originally called the Roslin Chapel and was built in the 1500's , that's 200 years later ...and it has the green man (a very important old Celtic god ) as its main was built on land that was won from the King in a bet over hunting ...and most importantly it was destroyed in 1960's to make way for a dam....anything you visit today is not the Chapel you think it is ....that's why the chapel is not longer called the Roslin Chapel and the new Chapel has the spelling changed to Rosslyn
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    Re: templar/mason ego fights

    Ps. This is the 3rd chapel called the Rosslyn Chapel is actually in the middle of the Roslin town cemetery !


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