Every once in a while I run across a bit of history that amazes me so much I'm compelled to share:

Dad (Karl Strader) achieves the pinnacle of his career as a pastor with a 10,000-seat mega church in Lakeland, Florida (population 58,000 at the time).


Prosecutors use RICO statutes to imprison son (Dan Strader) for 45 years after:

"He was convicted of 238 felony counts for bilking 57 mostly elderly investors, some members of the church, out of $2.3 million by selling investments in properties that didn't exist or already had liens against them"

"Dan was not an entrepreneur, he was a first class con artist who used religious words, quoted the Bible, prayed with and preyed on his victims. He modeled himself after his protégé and hero-his Dad, and did the things that the Senior Pastor and the Strader family did in Carpenter's Home Church continually"

Emerald Distributor Dan Strader retires from Amway to serve 45 years in Prison

Here is what was left of Dad's legacy, before the son's scandal greatly contributed to his downfall and before the eventual demolition: