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Thread: Wealth Distribution Society at

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    Wealth Distribution Society at

    Wealth distribution society distributes wealth from your pockets right into the pockets of scammers. Here's a fake job message
    the scammers promoting this are sending out:

    "SUBJECT: Job available (START ASAP) ({!email})


    Our new money-making system has a job opening available.

    It's not your typical job - you only work a few hours a day and can get paid over one thousand of dollars per day.

    Apply here:

    ===> [Don't]

    Lots of applicants will be considered - only a few will be accepted.

    Good luck,

    [YOUR NAME]"
    The fake people giving the fake testimonials seem to have trouble remembering their names:

    WDS Testimonials 2.JPG

    Peter Hill Winning Circle.JPG

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    Re: Wealth Distribution Society at

    Obviously they need KT's Memory Loss System.
    Founder/President Eagle Research Associates
    Author: "Robbing You With A Keyboard Instead Of A Gun - Cyber Crime How They Do It" available in soft cover and eBook at

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