According to the Veritrades website:

"VeriTrades mission is to be the leader in advanced statistical
verification which produces an ethical and safe trading marketplace
for consumers. We not only verify statistical software performance but
also provide a safe and easy to use platform for consumers to check
software claims online."
In the "The Board" section, the Veritrade website states:

"A representative of World Trade attends the meetings of the Board and may request the inclusion of
items on the agenda, take part in the discussions and express views, but has no voting right.

All the persons that constitute the VeriTrade Board are appointed by the Council of Ministers
following a proposal of the Minister of Finance."

There's so much nonsense in those statements that I have to assume that Veritrades is referring to the ministry of silly walks...

Vice-Chairman Paul Stanton might disagree...

...but I'll take my chances:

Acccording to Dan joined the board of Veritrades in 2011:

...only 4 years prior to Veritrade's existence:

...however due to disastrous fake fundraising efforts in advance of Verify Trades fake IPO, he had to return to his prior job as an in-demand stock photo:

Christopher Gazel - also known as "Chairman" is purported to be a member of an oversight committee...

...but failed to notice that his image is used all over the web:

According to the VeriTrades website:

"Mrs Sarah Moor was appointed Member of the Board of VeriTrades in August 2010.
Since 1999, Sarah is an Associate Professor of Finance in Stanton. She is also the
Programme Director of the TRL in Financial Services."
Maybe that means she lives inside of Paul Stanton?

They actually make a cute couple. They met online: