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Tatu, the most famous of the Sidekicks and a supporter of Garland Soccer as pictured above with Kathleen Robinson (errant GSA board member that is a blind follower of David Arciniega) sued the Dallas Sidekicks on September 3, 2015. Tatu noted in the lawsuit the he as a member of the LLC did not have access to records. Garland Soccer has been run under a shroud of secrecy by David Arciniega. Records are secret from the board and public even though Garland Soccer is a charity.

Tatu, the most famous and beloved of the Dallas Sidekicks, sues the soccer club for $109,000 | | Dallas Morning News

On October 30 before any embarrassing motions could be filed or discovery requested, the Plaintiff, Tatu asked the court to dismiss the action with prejudice (meaning it could no be refiled.) The Dallas Sidekicks were brilliant. They made sure it got settled quickly and privately before any damaging publicity was generated.

Dallas Sidekicks sold, settle Tatu lawsuit | Dallas Morning News

David Arciniega, the Garland Soccer board with a some of his stooges and North Texas seem hell bent on destroying what little is left of a once large and beloved Garland Soccer. If Garland Soccer was well run they would have worked with North Texas to get all the serious problems I brought up addressed before I was forced to file suit. I sent North Texas State Soccer a courtesy copy of the lawsuit to give them a chance to follow their own by-laws and intercede.