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Thread: Post Script on William Filmour thread...

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    Post Script on William Filmour thread...

    Locking a thread after you get the last word is not a cool nor ethical way to debate any issue, especially after you quote false information provided by an arm chair investigator (No Maxim). First what the government told Gunderson's son is not like to be the truth, when other qualified physicians suspect foul play and poisoning. See Ted L Gunderson Ex FBI Whistleblower Poisoned? - Dr.Ed Lucidi - Anthony J Hilder | Power Elite

    Furtheromore, FCI MIami is an intake facility of the U.S. Bureau of Prisons where all new prisoners from South Florida go after conviction to await transfer to a permanent prison. Average stay at FCI Miami is about 60-90 days. Both Chism and Gorcyca w. ere remanded there and then Chism was transferred to Eglin Air Force Base (minimum security facility) and Gorcyca was sent to FCI Ashland in Kentucky. If you call the U.S. Probation and Parole office in Miami they will confirm this for you. Gorcyca never set foot at Eglin Air Force Base no matter what you read in any newspaper. Again the U.S. BOP and U.S. Probation and Parole office will confirm this to be true.

    Next this topic is about a crooked lawyer who IF YOU CAN READ SWORN STATEMENTS OF 5 CREDIBLE WITNESSES, (Charles Arnold, Juan Pablo Sanchez, Chris Stone, and both Mr. & Mrs Gorcyca (neither of which were allowed to testify btw) Gilmour clearly committed criminal offenses of perjury and extrortion, and as Miami Lawyer Luis Konski proved by sendind in the actual fax received from Gilmour, tried to sell his client's confidential legal files for $50,000. According to the 25 year veteran Canadian private investigator, Gilmour made a trip to Panama that he could never explain because he had nor clients there.
    It is also a matter of court record that he told Justice Rosenberg that he "misplaced" the crucial video evidence that he mentioned in his letter to the FBI Director and Senator Hillary Clinton. He also filed to tell the court that his client was NOT INDICTED for any crime and failed to get any proof like the Wolkenstein affidavit that the PI was able to get "in less than one week" )Gilmour had 13 months to prepare for the hearing). Ribshaw admiited not reading the Law Society complaint and that is why he is not familiar with the details of this case. Nomaxim never stated if he read it or not but in the short time it took him to respond to the OP, it is hard to believe anyone could read that monster document and all the exhibits in less than 2 hours.

    Lastly, the Toronto Star, National Post, Globe and Mail and MaCleans all condemned the Law Society of Upper Canada over the last decade as a corrupt organization that shields crooked lawyers from media exposure and criminal prosecution;

    Broken trust: Two faces of justice | Toronto Star
    Ripoff Report | Law Society Of Upper Canada Complaint Review Toronto, Ontario: 1292015
    Law societies under fire -
    Law Society of Upper Canada ordered to pay $500,000 in costs over failed discipline action | Financial Post
    Top lawyers fear their profession is broken - The Globe and Mail
    Law SocietyThe law societies are the problem, not the solutionLSUC
    Should LSUC be reporting lawyers suspected of crimes to police?

    And if all else fails, read the actual Law Society complaint here that is just one of 7 filed against William Ross Gimour who was arrested for child abuse in Brampton, Ontario on August 14th, 2001 which is on file at the PeeL Regional Police Department in Mississauga, Ontario.

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    Re: Post Script on William Filmour thread...

    Quote Originally Posted by The Turk View Post
    Locking a thread after you get the last word is not a cool nor ethical way to debate any issue,.
    I'll tell you what else is not "cool"

    It's not "cool" to accuse a forum admin of doing something when you have only supposition to support such accusations.

    And it's even less "cool" to use said forum to disseminate a heap of unproven, unsupported innuendo and wild eyed conspiracy theories
    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

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