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Thread: Instant Trader at

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    Instant Trader at

    Instant Trader is proud that they have beaten out so many other ClickSure scammers. On their affiliate page, they proudly declare:

    "We Reached ClickSure's Top-10 In JUST 6 Days.
    Promote The Next #1 Product In The Binary
    Options Niche And See WHY This Is The"
    Apparently, the people behind Instant Trader prefer binary options scams over pyramid schemes.

    From "Generic Short Email #5"

    hey {FirstName},

    "I remembered that Stephan introduced you to that thing he was using on the internet and he said he was getting rich with it.

    Did you realize that it’s just a pyramid scheme?

    The only person that was making anything out of that was him!

    Chuck dragged me to one of their “seminars” yesterday which are obviously “no charge” and I saw Stephan sitting in the front row like some kind of cult initiate!

    I turned around and left immediately. It’s all BS!

    These guys operate like the mafia. The profits go uphill, the BS flows down.

    So screw that…I just invited to something that’s 100 times better…THIS is what you’re looking for:

    You can thank me later!

    [Your Name]"
    I'm not sure who "Stephen" is, but he must be really popular. lol.
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