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Thread: GIEBANK - Global Investment Experts? Are they real?

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    Question GIEBANK - Global Investment Experts? Are they real?

    Hi All,

    Very flashy looking 'online investment experts' site and would really like this community input about them.
    They obviously didn't hold back on spending $ on creating this site and content - custom script.


    What is GIEBank?

    GIEBank is an investment firm headquartered in London, with 33 branches and more than 25 cash offices. GIEBank is primarily involved in Forex and stock trading.

    Is GIEBank a registered and legal company?

    GIEBanks is a fully registered and legal financial services provider. GIEBank was first incorporated as GIE International Bank Limited in May of 2000, and has existed as a Public Liability Company since 2004.

    How does GIEBank generate profits for its clients?

    GIEBank uses stocks and Forex trading to generate a guaranteed profit to investors; the rate of return is based upon the size of the investment.

    Is GIEBank a safe place to invest my money?

    Absolutely. GIEBank uses a low-risk trading strategy that allows us to grow while avoiding the pitfalls of higher risk portfolios. Our experienced team works together to find only the highest quality investments for our clients.

    Who are we?
    GIEBank is an investment company headquartered in London with branches and cash offices in several countries. We build our business together with our customers from around the globe. Itís our mission to provide you the best service, so you can multiply your funds and become an efficient Forex investor at the comfort of your home. By offering our customers various choices of investment products, we strike to reveal the full potential of wealth management. GIEBank constantly improve its products and service, and expand cooperation opportunities with global clients.

    Address: 330 High Holborn, 1st Floor Holborn Gate, London, WC1V 7QT

    If I Google map above address supplied on their site I get another company
    So already here a red flag.

    Any other info about them would help us all decide if they are real or scam.

    Many thanks

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    Re: GIEBANK - Global Investment Experts? Are they real?

    Perhaps you have considered FOREX and stock trading but thought that you need a large sum of money to participate in the market. You will be pleased to know that today; GIEBank has three structured plans that make it possible to profit from these lucrative wealth building vehicles.
    Each of these plans is based on our years of financial market activity, specifically with FOREX and stock trading. With the minimal investment of the first plan, within a few months you can be in a position to leverage your returns for even higher capital gains.
    First Investment Option:

    1.5% daily profit
    Minimum: $10
    Period: 30 days
    Principle returned
    Second Investment Option:

    2% daily profit
    Minimum: $100
    Period: 60 days
    Principle returned

    Third Investment Option:

    2.5% daily for 90 days
    Minimum: $1000
    Period: 90 days
    Principle returned

    There has never been a better time to begin earning a passive income through the time tested formulas that are available today. The FOREX and stock trading options that GIEBank provides to its investors have been selected for their market performance and their rate of return on investment.
    With the GIEBank investment plans you receive the benefit of superior judgment that is a direct result of our successful transaction history. We invite you to your future of wealth that can begin today when you select the option that works best for you.

    Those daily returns are impossible. This is another run of the mill forex scam! Hang on to your pocketbooks and run!

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    Re: GIEBANK - Global Investment Experts? Are they real?

    I checked the address you supplied and found out that it was nothing but a property company with office space to rent.

    If owns the block, it may not hurt to inform them that renting office space to con artists does not do much for their image. I may be going that way next week and I could drop in to tell them that they should be more careful.

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    Re: GIEBANK - Global Investment Experts? Are they real?

    Hi, You have posted very helpful information about dinar. I have just recently go through a news blog where i have read some more info about Iraqi dinar revaluation and trading.

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    Re: GIEBANK - Global Investment Experts? Are they real?

    Hiya Andy and welcome to

    Could you please alter your signature file to remove any links to commercial sites, thank you.
    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

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