Egyptian Pound Currency Scam - Latest clone of the Iraqi Dinar scam. Via the BBB

How the Scam Works:

The advertisement promises an easy investment with high return and low risk. With only $5,000 (or a similar sum), you could purchase Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong or, most recently, the Egyptian Pound. When those governments revalue their currencies, increasing their worth against the dollar, you just sell your Dinar, Dongs or Pounds and cash in.

It sounds like a great investment, but it's a scam. The hoax is so appealing because, unlike previous forex (foreign currency exchange) scams where victims were given a bogus "receipt" for their money, you can actually purchase these currencies. The problem is that they will be very difficult to sell, and it's extremely unlikely they will ever significantly increase in value. Many experts have explained why the investment promises are false.

The Iraqi Dinar is the most popular currency used for the this scam. But given recent political upheaval in Egypt and the growth of the Vietnamese economy, these currencies are also gaining traction.
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Foreign Currency Scam is a Bad Investment - BBB News Center