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Thread: Easy Money Method at

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    Easy Money Method at

    JVConnect is very proud of the Easy Money Method scam. Here's what they sent to try to get people to promote it:

    Sent on May 10, 2015:

    "Hey guys,

    Today at 5pm est my new offer goes live!

    Easy Money Method

    We've been testing this sucka like WHOA
    and we really created something awesome..

    We are getting more sign ups and self deposits than
    we have on any of our past previous offers..

    The brokers in rotation on the backend are hungry for leads
    to call. This is looking like it will crush for everyone who promotes.

    Launch Details:

    Payout up to $300 CPA

    Net 39

    Over $20,000 in cash prizes (prizes paid same day)

    Live Leader-board (no scam)

    If the support is solid and we're all making good money then

    I will give away more money.. we shall see:)

    Thanks again for your support,

    Tim & The JV Connect"
    As usual, there are "instant classic" emails in the JV swipe file found here.

    Email #1:

    "Subject: [PENDING] claim your $7,302.29 deposit

    This is automated notification of a pending commission payment in the amount of $7,302.29.

    >>insert URL<<

    If these funds are yours, please claim them within 24 hours.

    Otherwise they will be released to a commission pool for the Easy Money Method money system.

    >>insert URL<<

    Thank you,

    The FAQs at are especially ridiculous. Here's an example:

    "Q: I see a lot of systems similar to these, what makes The Easy Money Method
    better than the rest?
    A: The Easy Money Method has a patented technology that is the world’s first!
    It’s the only software that guarantees you will become a millionaire in 90 days.

    Q: How can you assure me that I’ll make on average, $10,000 a day?
    A: On average, Easy Money Method users make $10,000 per day. Some members
    make more. The longer the software is on and running, the more money you make!
    The best part is The Easy Money Method does all the work for you. All you need to
    do is push a few buttons to make on average, $10,000 a day."

    Well, see there's a flat out lie - Easy Money Method promised One Million Dollars in 90 days - $10,000/day is only $900,000.
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    Re: Easy Money Method at

    Oh, Yah! Gimme some of that! NOT!!! How many people need to make 10,000 a day to flood the financial system. Lemme see now, 7 billion world population times $10,000 time 365 makes??? (25550000000000000000)
    It seems like in this "industry" common sense is not all that common!

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    Re: Easy Money Method at

    This guy does a bad Roy Tribble impersonation:

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    Easy Money Method Live Leader Board

    JVConnect actually provides a built-in hall of shame where people can win valuable prizes for promoting scams.
    (I was told people won't watch the whole video because the sound effects are too realistic...but they just seemed so

    In case you couldn't stomach the sound effects in the video, here's the leaderboard as of the time of the video:

    1 Ronnie
    2 Mike Shah
    3 Mike A
    4 Antonio
    5 Grayson & Blake
    6 Ashley Baker
    7 Paul Ponna
    8 Aaron Darko
    9 SLJ & Ben
    10 Baxters
    11 Chris Frev & Warren
    12 Greg S.
    13 Travis
    14 Ian Ross
    15 Paul Libard
    16 Jerome Chapman
    17 Paul Sethi
    18 Imran
    19 roymcd33
    20 Lloyd Knap
    21 access
    22 Jack Taylor
    23 MichaeAd
    24 swiper
    25 Craig K
    26 Desmond Ong
    27 William Tan
    28 maxxprofit
    29 Simon
    30 marketmast
    31 zaroaff
    32 ben2324
    33 vipbinary
    34 hopman
    35 onenhat
    36 admaven
    37 chris100
    38 Rachid
    39 indexhtml
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    Easy Money Method New $6k 48 hr Contest is LIVE + Last Winners Have Been Posted & PAID

    Wow. They did it. They won the contest for getting the most people to fall for the Easy Money Method scam.
    Here's the Easy Money Method JV email that was sent.

    "Hey JV's,

    Another 48hr contest went live yesterday!

    $6,000 48hr Cash Contest Went Live At 5pm est (ends 5/14 5pm est)

    1st Place: $2,500 - Ronnie M
    2nd Place: $1,500 - Mike S
    3rd Place: $750 - Mike A
    4th Place: $500 - Antonio
    5th Place: $250 - Paul Ponna
    6th Place: $100 - Grayson & Blake
    7th Place: $100 - Greg
    8th Place: $100 - Chris & Warren
    9th Place: $100 - Aaron Darko
    10th Place: $100 - roymcd33

    Bonus cash will be paid same day contest ends.

    You can view pat winners and current leaders:
    Easy Money Method LIVE Leaderboard

    Easy Money Method is now officially on STEROIDS!

    Since we updated our sales funnel with brand new
    conversion tweaks we have increased EPC's even more.

    3 Awesome EMM facts after 2 days:

    1. Affiliates are approaching $20,000 in commissions
    2. Approaching $200,000 in total affiliate commissions
    3. Overall EPC for the new day is over $1.50

    Get your swipes and leader-board updates here:
    Easy Money Method - JV

    Thanks for the awesome support,

    Tim & The JV Connect Team"

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    Haters Gonna Hate...

    Apparently, haters are gonna hate people who are scamming people over in the binary options scam arena, too. Imagine that. Just got this email from the EMM JV promo list:

    "[EMM JV's] Urgent Update!

    Hey JV's

    URGENT Update!

    Last night the broker system I use on the backend of EMM
    was attacked:(

    Don't worry all has been fixed this morning and we've put some
    extra security in place to ensure this doesn't happen again. We also
    found out it who it was and have called in the hitman to handle (seriously).

    I'm truly sorry about that but haters gonna hate.. part of the game
    but I promise all is fixed now

    The brokers are calling all sign ups with a fury and they will convert them fast.
    Self deposits dropped bc of the attack but they should start increasing
    if not already.

    To make up for any losses at 5pm est I'm raising everyone CPA to $300
    for the entire weekend.

    It would be awesome if you all could help me gives this offer
    a big push starting now to make up for this wrong doing by the attackers.

    Thanks again for the awesome support.
    The Main contest is really close.
    Easy Money Method LIVE Leaderboard

    Get them $300 CPA's !

    Talk Soon,

    Tim & The JV Connect Team"

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    Re: Easy Money Method at

    Who's excited!?

    "[EMM JV's] Final Results Are In! Hollllaaa

    Hey guys,

    What a crazy launch week we had.. Many ups and downs
    but all in all you JV's made good money and that's
    what matters most.

    Easy Money Method landed a "legit" 6th place ranking
    which is solid.

    We are paying out over $250,000 in affiliate commissions
    and over $20,000 in cash prizes:)

    We have a few JV's make over $20,000 in commissions.. Our top JV
    made close to $30,000.. not a bad pay check for a weeks worth of

    We had a lot of new JV's come out to support and we look forward
    to supporting those new faces and of course all the loyal JV's
    that have been supporting JVC offers the past 2 years.

    >> Easy Money Method LIVE Leaderboard

    We had one of our main US brokers decide not to pay us lol.. over $100,000
    but all good we are prepared for these things and you won't ever get any late
    CS payments from our company owned advert accounts. The good news tomorrow
    we will be redirecting all EMM traffic to a new Binary offer that is brand new
    to the market.

    Free Millionaire System - $250 CPA - Net32 Payout

    This offer is scheduled to go live June 8th but once we redirect EMM to FMS
    it will be open for traffic. This offer is high quality production with a totally
    new sales video and hook. It's guaranteed to convert and we will be split testing
    now until launch day June 8th 2015.

    I'm most grateful for all of you.. I really mean that.. which is why I work my butt
    off to offer the best and highest paid commissions/cash prizes on a monthly basis! and
    I always deliver.

    Once the traffic is switched to the new FMS offer tomorrow I will send a quick email
    and maybe a little bribe for you;)

    For now keep supporting all the high converting offers that launched this week on
    Click-Sure. and don't forget to check out how much cash prizes you won for EMM

    Easy Money Method LIVE Leaderboard

    Thanks again and talk soon,

    Tim & The JV Connect Team"
    You can read about the Free Millionaire System at RealScam here:


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