ClickSure has finally admitted that regular binary options don't least according to the Wealthy Wheat Trader product they're pushing on their affiliates:

Wealthy Wheat Trader is LIVE on ClickSure! Who would have thought you can make money trading wheat? This will get the attention of your subscribers, TRUST US!! This unique pitch has the ENTIRE binary industry buzzing right now! The sales funnels and videos have been extensively tweaked and split tested, and is ready for your traffic. There's also a $10,000 CASH CONTEST that's just started. Get pushing this offer now!
Type: CPA | Payout: $250.00 | Cash Prizes: Prize info on JV Page!
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While ClickSure may believe that regular binary options trading doesn't work, that doesn't stop them from believing that regular binary options don't work. I know...that makes no sense, but such is the nature of ClickSure. Here are a couple of other "new offers worth promoting according to the ClickSure blog:

Binary Vault

Binary Vault is LIVE and converting like CRAZY! Early testing is showing EPC's of $2.67 and climbing. These guys have definitely got a winner here paying out a WHOPPING $250 CPA, with NO REFUNDS & NO RESERVES! This offer converts insanely well to IM, Binary, Forex, Stocks & Biz Opp Lists! If you want to make some easy cash with INSANE EPC's then we suggest you jump on this RED HOT OFFER tomorrow!
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"Apple Stock Robot
Apple Stock Robot is LIVE and KICKING and EPCs are as high as $7! Yep, that's right, 7 USD. One Affiliate has sent over 1,000 clicks and has hit $7 EPC during testing! Average EPCs are ranging between $2-$5. This is probably the best converting stock bot ever launched on ClickSure! also the custom scarcity tool and the multipage funnel convert LONG after hits have been sent. Grab your promo tools and promote NOW!"

EPCs as high as $7 - that's some good scammer bait there!

Apple Stock Robot warning at RealScam:

What's HOT - according to the ClickSure blog:

Mad Max Profits
Mad Max Profits is still ClickSure number 1! This offer doesn't look like it'll be slowing down any time soon. This has been bringing in serious commissions! It doesn't come as a huge surprise as it's paying out a MASSIVE $750 MULTI CPA! This comes with an INSANE self-deposit funnel, $30,000 in launch and daily prizes. Plus it's been fully tested, so it's READY to convert! This offer simply cannot be missed.
I've actually never been able to get through the "closed" page for this, so I don't have much to say about it...other than it's promoted through clicksure, so it's gotta be a scam.

"Profit With Cindy
Profit With Cindy has just recently launched and it's hit the ground running! This is converting like CRAZY! EPCs are $3.00 PLUS and Affiliates are cashing in big time with this launch. There's no reason why you can't cash in on this as well! Promote this now and see for yourself."
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And last, and certainly least...our old "friend":

Binary Boom
Binary Boom continues to smash it. Conversions are still rolling in and we don't think it'll be stopping any time soon! Affiliates continue to make some serious commissions with this MultiCPA offer! Binary Boom is also converting on ALL types of traffic. So there's still life in this offer and you NEED to cash in whilst you still can.
..which is promoted by the fake review site Josh McKeny at - discussed at RealScam here.