Another proud post about the many scams being run through ClickSure.

The Golden Touch

The Golden Touch is now LIVE on the ClickSure network.
This is a new and exciting cash generating software, offering
a MASSIVE $275.00 CPA payout. This has been tested over and
over and results show that this CONVERTS! EPC's are soaring
for top Affiliates so you really have to get on this while you
have the chance. You won't regret it!
I can think of a few thousand people who WILL regret it.
See the discussion at RealScam here:

Push Button Commi$$ions (IM Version)

Push Button Commi$$ions is the HOTTEST IM launch on ClickSure. This
IM version has just launched and already is pulling in some seriously high
conversions. Affiliates are seeing CRAZY EPC's and you WILL too. There's a
$100 CPA payout and a HUGE $10k cash contest available. This is crushing
ALL competition, time to jump abroad and BANK BIG!
It's definitely crushing people's dreams maybe?
Check out the discussion about Push Button Commissions at RealScam here:

Binary Boom (MultiCPA)

STILL ClickSure Number 1! This MultiCPA offer has been pulling in MASSIVE conversions!
Affiliates all over with all different types of traffic sources are seeing crazy earnings
with this! We don't expect it to slow down any time soon either. You NEED to get on
this blockbuster immediately.
My spam has slowed down on this one. While the concept was basically hilarious, I
can't say that I'll be missing this scam.

Read about it at RealScam here:

Other programs mentioned in that launch update that haven't been covered at RealScam:

"24 Option - Insane Profits

24option is the #1 Binary Options platform & has launched a new, HIGHLY MONETIZED
landing page with a top sales video!! 24option receives more traffic than any other
Binary Options platform in the WORLD! This offer is converting better than any other
offer this year!! Push this now and see your bank balance SKY ROCKET!!!"

10Trade has taken Binary Options by storm & offering $150 CPA for every first deposit!!
The results so far have been crazy, with over $3.00 EPC's! With great banners to choose
from, waste no more time and start promoting 10Trade TODAY!! Send out a blast today
and see those commissions come rolling in.
Secret Cash Formula

Secret Cash Formula is LIVE and we're EXCITED about this launch! The guys behind this
have put in some serious HARD WORK to make sure this converts! Results show that the
hard work has paid off! Average EPC's $3.10 and converting with Forex, Biz-Opp, Gambling,
Poker, Binary and IM traffic. $250 CPA payout and a cool $5,000 cash prize up for grabs.
Time you made some money with Secret Cash Formula.
Site: secretcashformula .co