ClickSure Support once posted at WorkAtHomeTruth trying to convince me that one of their programs wasn't a scam. It was...and that was long before the binary options scams - and even before ClickSure existed. I don't think we'll be seeing those folks around any more.

Cash Giveaway at is allegedly a VERY hot offer (scam) according to the ClickSure Blog. Once I saw the payout was $250 I knew it was another binary options scam. $250 seems to be the going rate for these scams.

Here's a classic email from their jv page here.

"Subject: The biggest money giveaway ever


People are making millions of dollars of
the internet every single day...

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[or dont']

Yeh, there's a money giveaway going on...but it's going from you're pocket to the folks promoting CashGiveaway.