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Thread: Advance fee scam

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    Advance fee scam

    Warning! This company is a complete scam!

    Dean Wentworth's
    The Euroasian Group of Companies
    Westerly Mortgage Trust
    The Wentworth Foundation
    Wentworth, Dean
    Passport: E7027028 -Australia
    First Union Ltd (Nassau, Bahamas)
    The Wentworth Foundation (Nassau, Bahamas)
    Dean Wentworth Chadwick Corporation Ltd (Nassau, Bahamas)

    Euroasian advance fee scam

    See also

    URL: Boiler Rooms - Cyber Crime Ops

    Fraud fighters has evidence of this company taking very large up-front advance fees for loans or joint ventures that never eventuate, and fees that are never refunded.

    Dean Wentworth is an Australian currently living in Pebble Beach, CA.
    We also believe that he spends about six months a year in Port Douglas, Australia

    He is running an advance fee scam. The company offers large loans for businesses in trouble or wishing to expand. The catch is they need substantial advance fees to process the "Loan" . The loan never eventuates and the fees are never returned.

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    Re: Advance fee scam

    Welcome to the forum. Glad to have another fine scambuster aboard!


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    Re: Advance fee scam

    It may interest you to know that there is a major lawyer and group on Wentworth's and his companies tail in the USA. It would appear that he has been running a Ponzi type scam and many people have been ripped off.

    The FBI in San Fancisco have an open file on him and are investigating, if you are interested email <> and put Dean Wentworth in the top line.

    The guy is a slime ball of the worst kind but a master in managing expectations which is why he has got away with it for so long.


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    Re: Advance fee scam

    The Update on June 30, 2012 on Wikkifrauds is interesting.

    Note that Dean Claims he is going to sue, and lets face it anyone can sue anyone in the USA, but he has not done so. This can only lead to one conclusion, Wikki is correct in there assesment, the guy is running fraudlent companies.

    Taken from Wikkifraud

    '....... Since first publishing this webpage on Wentworth, we have received dozens of complaints and evidence of the scam being perpetrated by this man and his associates listed below. And we have found that Wentworth, when questioned about why our website exists, reverts to attacking us and alleging that we are blackmailing him.

    Typical is this email below from wentworth to a potential victim in New Zealand:

    "Mr. Txxxxxxx,

    The Wikifrauds posting is from a finance broker with whom I have no relationship. Internet postings such as these are difficult if not impossible, to trace as the people who post the messages, never identify themselves lest they be sued. In the Wikifrauds case, the broker threatened to do what he has done unless I paid HALF A MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS TO HIM. I never had any obligation to him at any time so it is simple blackmail and as such has been reported to the appropriate Authorities. Legal action has been taken against the offender and accordingly I am limited in what I can reveal.

    I have been in business since 1960.The people and banks that know me, take no notice of such postings however should you elect not to proceed, I will take this opportunity to wish you the best for your project.


    Dean Wentworth"
    There has been no legal action whatsoever. We welcome Wentworth to do exactly that, and if he wishes to contact us we will gladly provide him with details of our law firm to enable him to commence proceedings. ......'

    Couldn't happen to a nicer guy


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