Each "leader" highlighted in this thread is really the same in terms of how they achieve their "success". It's a simple process really.

Step 1
Find a high-commission program to promote that makes your pimping worthwhile. Preferably one of those "100% commission" ventures and/or something that passes up "sales" to you from your downline. There's a wide variety of these, all camouflaged to look like it's "never been done before". But in the end they're all pretty much the same. You can read more about them here: http://www.realscam.com/f9/pyramid-p...business-5316/

Step 2
If you're just starting out, "fake it until you make it." Screenshots of earnings/results can be created and manipulated to show just about anything. Just start going crazy posting your "earnings". Also, post things that make you look like a "real" person who's also a "guru"....a fancy meal, pics with friends, posing next to some exotic sports car you don't even own, flying on a private jet that you rented but don't own, etc. Soon you'll have some interested people messaging you to find out your "secret."

Step 3
Convince just one or two of those unsuspecting interested people to join by telling them how you'll train and coach them, and how your "system" is duplicatable and runs on "autopilot".

Step 4
Collect your cash from those first one or two signups. Give them a few pointers, or refer them to the "training" inside the "system". Then cut them loose. When they start complaining about failing, tell them how they just need to work harder and follow directions. Accuse them of being deadbeats when they start calling your program a scam.

Step 5
Meanwhile, start posting more screenshots of your personal "earnings" which are now growing. If someone in your downline, by some miracle, happens to make a sale, highlight the HECK out of that to show the world it's not just you making money. EVERYONE is winning, even newbies.

Step 6
Keep doing what you're doing until your signups eventually die out because you've exhausted your following.

Step 7
Rinse and repeat steps 1 - 6 with a brand NEW "never before seen" program.

If these gurus really wanted to add "VALUE" to the world, they'd be using their skills to promote a legitimate business, not a pyramid or ponzi scheme. Such a sad waste of talent. It's a lazy man's way out. They would contribute MUCH more to society by getting a real job slinging burgers.