Tim Sales has been blathering online for years.

I wrote this about the cartoon version of that video in 2005:
Here is the scoop!

"Brilliant Compensation" Dr. Charles King (graduated from Harvard and prof of marketing at the University of Illinois and consultant for a number of large well known corporations.) and Tim Sales presenters.

The marketing strategy has no employees, no accounts payable or receivable and no real inventory. The 4 principles of business include:
1. Huge Expanding Market
2. Unique and consumable product (repeating commissions)
3. Timing (trends which are created by baby boomers-76 million in U.S. and 1 billion worldwide) We go after their buying power (54 year olds)
Next Big Trends
A. Health
B. Looking Younger
C. Retirement Issues
D. Security and Money
E. Efficiency ( making life easier)
4. Money Earning Situations
A. Work for Someone else
B. Be a Professional
C. Be your own Boss
"Wealth is created by money or people at work"
"create true leverage"
"create a Structure" We want people under us and not in competition. "Provide him/her with the same opportunity for growth you have...its a win win to all involved" We are then shown a large triangle and told "there is nothing wrong with this shape" It is compared to a family tree and the structure of a legit corporation with a CEO, Pres, . V.P., middle managers and grunts.

More Intelligent Structure---Network Marketing" We are then treated to a lecture on how this pyramid is a "fair structure." "Alternate career paths" --Network marketing made the Doc cynical, skeptical and negative, but he decided to learn more and now teaches network marketing at Illinois U.

The presentation continues with getting products to the market and how expensive advertising is. "this network marketing trend is just beginning" "Poverty Statement--It is easier to do it myself than try to get others to do it" "Educating and Empowering.....training others" Leverage blah blah blah..."exponential reward." "most ethical business he's ever seen" He has 56,000 people worldwide he's getting paid on! Lots of hilarious math follows.