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Thread: Tammy Montgomery - Scams People With Pyramid Schemes

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    Tammy Montgomery - Scams People With Pyramid Schemes

    Tammy Montgomery: Tammy_Montgomery.jpg

    Facebook page:

    Tammy's another typical pyramid scammer. She has promoted countless pyramid programs over the years, jumping to a new one every few months and taking her large list of hapless followers with her.

    I guess she ran out of other people's failed programs to promote. Right now she's pimping her own creation, The Fearless Momma. The join fee supposedly gives you access to "six figure marketing training". All it really gets you access to is training and tools to help you recruit OTHER people into the same program. And Tammy doesn't fool around with small buy-ins. The "levels" in this thing apparently go up to at least $3,000. It's one thing to scam people out of $25 or $50 bucks, but when you start causing them to tap their savings, take out loans, and skip paying the rent then you've crossed the line. But Tammy doesn't care. Once the recruits for this program dry up she'll be off launching something else. So predictable.

    How do I know so much about this "industry leader"? I used to BE one:

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    Re: Tammy Montgomery - Scams People With Pyramid Schemes

    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

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