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Thread: Simon Stepsys

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    Re: Simon Stepsys

    Ruh Roh, trouble brewing in Cloud Token land. Yes boys and girls, ladies and gents there is real trouble brewing in Cloud Token land; but I'm sure Simon can explain how this is a good thing.

    You see The “we use trading revenue to pay investors” facade is being replaced by a mandatory SIM card service – although official details have yet to be released. Ronald Aai appeared in a private webinar with top Cloud Token recruiters, and told them about the Cloud SIM service, as it’s called. Nobody other than leaders desperate to appease their downlines are interested in it. Why would the members not be interested in this? Because it’s not why they invested in Cloud Token.

    Ronald Aai confirms that whenever this “Cloud 2.0” change happens, company-funded withdrawals are discontinued. Instead withdrawals will be processed through “Ribbons”, which Aai claims is a third-party company. Ribbons doesn’t exist yet and despite Aai’s claim, appears to be a shell company set up by Cloud Token. When this program is implemented it will be the death knell for Cloud Token for it will have run its course.

    Another major Ponzi promoted by Simon that has failed and failed to make it last longer than a year, One has to wonder how long his followers will realize he is full of it and his "winners" are nothing more than "losers" in reality. And "Another one bites the dust" theme song plays in the background.
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    Re: Simon Stepsys

    Profit averages 10% monthly, that always ends well. Well ends Ronald Aai reveals Cloud Token "no withdrawals" exit-scam.
    "It's virtually impossible to violate rules ... but it's impossible for a violation to go undetected, certainly not for a considerable period of time." Bernie Madoff

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