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Peter is a long-time CREATOR of many past pyramid schemes, perhaps the biggest being the National Wealth Center and Easy 1 Up cash gifting schemes.

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So Peter Wolfing is not your typical affiliate, he has CREATED these types of pyramid programs for years.

But now I've seen it all. His latest creation is called Hand of Heaven ( He bills it as a suite of "faith based products with a Christian theme". But the truth is, it's basically National Wealth Center with rebranded "products". The products are just useless online tutorials and other jibberish with a few Christian teachings thrown in. And the cost? Eh, just up to a measly $2500, that's all. But of course the products aren't the point. The point is to just join so you too can sell this wonderful array of overpriced "training" you could get by just using google and going to church. Wow. So now's he's using GOD to help him dupe others out of their hard earned money. That takes the cake. Tisk tisk Peter.

Guys this is just an example of how a long-time pyramid promoter thinks. Peter is actually not a bad guy. If you met him on the street and didn't know his "profession" you'd probably like to have him as a friend. But over the years he's become so accustomed to easy money that he has justified in his mind that he's actually helping people. If you were to call him a scammer to his face he would be completely shocked. He's just become brainwashed. I can empathize, the same thing happened to me during my foray into the world of online marketing. I can only hope Peter will eventually see the light. He should at least stop using God to justify and support his scamming. Shame on you Peter, someone needs to remind you of the Golden Rule