Nightmare of an experience with their bullying ill-mannered and unprofessional seller. I lost my time money and instead got extremely rude messages from their seller. They represent their seller and vice versa, you would think they will coach them a thing or two about customer service. I wrote to their CEO on fb messages and directly on his wall but no reply. Looks like its filetrs from top.
Meanwhile I have now opened a face book page call PeopleperhourUnethical. Its takes effort to come to such forum and people forget to look up such or google reviews but once it on face book it global and its easy so please leave your review there. reason being I received a message from them . They will remove my feedback from sellers profile .. so now i now i trusted that sellers reviews but they are al manipulated. People Per hour deletes theie negative review so as a customer i don't even have the right to leave a review. They fees are hidden and they will take any credit on your account under the guise of account keeping fee .. They are extremely unprofessional, below mediocre performance and very doggy business. Stay away from them.

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