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Thread: David Pollock - Travel Provider to Online Scammers

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    David Pollock - Travel Provider to Online Scammers

    David Pollock of Hemisphere Travel in Savannah, GA has to be the biggest travel MLM and travel "discount" scams whore in existence. What surprises me is that he's been involved in more than I can find since nearly all of them have gone out of business. He however, seems to survive all of this and retains his status with ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents) and has an excellent report with the BBB (which he's a paying member).

    As stated on one of these scammy websites, this is how Hemisphere Travel and David Pollock are described:

    Hemisphere Travel has been in business for over 25 years.
    They are one of the largest providers of travel programs to organizations and network marketing & MLM companies.

    Hemisphere's focus is 100% on Travel. They are NOT a
    network marketing or MLM company. Travel IS their business.
    Here are just some of the ventures he's been involved with and/or are currently involved with:

    Guardian International Travel (GIT)
    Cruise To Cash
    Retire to Easy Street
    My Internet Vacation Club
    Unselfish Wealth
    Let's Get Fishing
    My Condo Program
    American Hero Card
    My Internet Business
    PDN - Payday Generator Network
    Global Network Partners
    Global Verge
    Travel Tan Systems (operating as many different names)
    Vacation Values Club
    Condo Cash Card
    Quest Travel Network
    YourNetBiz Travel Program

    Strange that when one of these scams goes belly-up, David Pollock claims he himself has been "duped." How many times can a man be duped? Furthermore, in a few of the scams he was involved with, he did many webinars and claimed to have hundreds of employees and several locations. The fact is that he has a two employee agency and himself as the sole proprietor. The claims he makes on how his agency receives the discounts on these travel scams are downright lies since he claims they are exclusive to him. Not so. They're available to any brick and mortar agency the consumer is able to book through without paying a fee for some worthless card or program.

    Should anyone care to waste approximately 30 minutes listening to his spiel of these bogus "bargains," here is a current webinar: Attraction Marketing Mentors Tour

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    Re: David Pollock - Travel Provider to Online Scammers

    I just received this in my email today from my buddy David Pollock. He has an even newer venture again and one that is sure to ripoff the general public.

    Hemisphere's Vegas Advantage Card

    Hello guys

    Just checking in to see how you are doing???

    I also wanted to give you an update on our Vegas Advantage Card. This week we have added 17 new restaurants, 2 more Golf Courses, 25 more retail shops, and 3 more night clubs.

    You can see from our site The Vegas Advantage Card! that we have a great collection of over 300 merchants offering discounts for shows, dining, tours, attractions, etc. We are continually adding new merchants with awesome offers. Last week we added, several new five star restaurants, two new rental car companies, the CSI Experience, B.B. King Blues Club, Red Rock Lanes, The Mandara Spa at Paris and Planet Hollywood, nine night clubs including Rain Nightclub, Playboy Club, Moon Nightclub, Ghostbar and over 70 retail shops.

    Your clients can easily save over $500 off their visit to Las Vegas by use the VAC. We have discounts (Many 2 for 1 Deals) and many of the discounts are exclusive to card holders like:

    Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours . This tour alone saves your attendees $80 per person.

    Vegas Nights Helicopter Tour - Normal Rate $109 per person. Our rate - $60 per person!!!

    Champagne Night Luxury Limo Tour - Normal Rate - $49 per person - Our rate $49 per couple - half price!!!

    With bulk purchases of 500 cards or more we can brand the card to any company or event and add a tag line such as - "The Vegas Advantage Card, brought to you by ABC Company". Also with bulk purchases we provide some FREE cards for management. If you do not prefer to buy in bulk, we can provide a branded web page similar to this one where your attendees can purchase the cards individually - Vegas Advantage Card.

    If you would like any additional information about the VAC, please feel free to let me know.

    Thank you for your time and interest.

    David Pollock
    Vegas Advantage Card Team
    This makes what, 9,100 different programs he's contributed to and all have failed? Ah well, what's one more to add to the **** pile?

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    Re: David Pollock - Travel Provider to Online Scammers

    Our bug up the butt MLM travel provider, David Pollock of Hemisphere Travel in Savannah, GA has taken on another MLM and the disappointments to the consumer continues. David Pollock has teamed up with Primo Vacations Club (Welcome To Primo Vacations), aka My Internet Business LLC, aka ( :: A MyInternetBusiness LLC Company - Welcome).

    As noted before, David Pollock has been involved in more travel scams than any other travel provider I know of. And it continues. Here is a sample of one disgruntled customer than has hit the complaints and scam boards with the typical complaint:

    Submitted: Thursday, November 11, 2010
    Posted: Thursday, November 11, 2010

    David Pollack ceo of hemisphere travel provides travel for Primovacations of which I am a member. I was given a free cruise voucher when I signed up for Caribbean cruise lines and I never received the cruise This particular cruise line has been reported here before and the BBB are flooded with complaints about them.

    I contacted D Pollack informing him about this and asked him why he was promoting them. He ignored my emails and continued to promote them as usual.

    I then had to complain to D Pollack again about promises that his company hemisphere travel never kept. I was never able to book a vacation because no one answered my emails and when I phoned I was always promised a call back which never took place.

    I then discovered complaints about Mr Pollack all over the internet and it was alleged by some of his victims that he was not to be trusted owing to certain activities of various companies that he had been involved with. I became very anxious and worried because of the recent bout of hemispheres behaviour towards me and wished to know if there was any truth in these allegations.

    If there was I didnt want to belong to Primovacations or Hemisphere travel. I wrote to Mr Pollack and asked him outright if there was any substance in these allegations as was my right as a consumer .I obviously hit a raw nerve and he wrote back threatening to sue me and banning me from accessing vacations that I had paid my membership for.

    Primovacations appear to be backing him because they go hand in hand as one company cannot do business without the other. Mr pollack and Primovacations will not refund my money therefore in effect they are having it both ways.
    I on the other hand have paid for a membership which is worthless as I cannot access vactions and I am out of pocket The actions taken by him I believe to be fraudulent as the money is rightfully mine.

    Too bad that the author of the above misspelled David Pollock's name so it would hit the search engines more often. One of my biggest questions would be exactly on what David Pollock could threatened to sue.

    *david Pollack Hemisphere travel | Rip-off Report: 660769

    Additional complaints by same poster: Primo Vacations Scam
    Primo Vacations Reviews - Is Primo Vacations a Scam?


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