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Thread: The Crypto Watchdogs

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    The Crypto Watchdogs

    In the wake of Bitconnect's downfall, a new organization has sprung up called The Crypto Watchdogs. The goal of the group is to investigate and expose cryptocurrency scams. The group will allow members to submit evidence on potential scams and reward these individuals with the group's new token, Justice coin (XJC). This “bounty-hunt” program is currently recruiting members for the cost of a $100 non-refundable “donation”. For that members get to participate in these hunts and have direct access to the Crypto Watchdogs team as well as participation in an upcoming token airdrop. Crypto Watchdogs plans to use these donations to expand their organization and acquire advanced investigation tools such as facial recognition software. Here's their Welcome Letter:

    Dear community,

    ​Looking back from where we started almost 3 weeks ago, we have come a long way in a very short amount of time, and that is all thanks to you.

    You are the fuel and the inspiration of everything we are doing and achieving so far. Recently, we have announced several times, our future plans regarding expansion and, through our favourite youtuber Juanzo, we have mentioned the launch of our own cryptocurrency which will be used to reward community members who provide evidence that we seek to help us uncovering scams, evidence requests which will be listed, and constantly updated on a live spreadsheet. It will work as a bounty hunt program and everyone will be free to participate and earn incentives for helping us cracking-down scams, which we will constantly list on the live spreadsheet along with the evidence we require you to hunt for, and provide us.

    Our token will be called "JusticeCoin" (XJC) and will be based on Monero's Cryptonight protocol, due to its anonimity properties in regards of transactions.

    We are also starting a recruitment program for new members to join our family, where they will get exclusive access to one of our private chambers and be able to communicate directly with the leaders of our organisation 24/7. They will also receive proper training on how to track-down efficiently crypto-scams, and by doing so, they will be able to earn XJC coins through our bounty-hunt program.

    The recruitment + bounty hunt + coin airdrop programs come as an all in one package of rewards that you will receive for making a one time contribution of 100$ (in several cryptos to choose from, except BCC, of course) to our cause. Not more, not less. This will help us raise funds to expand our operations and give us the means to improve the quality of our work, by aquiring dedicated software and equipment, such as biometric facial recognition software, also funding field investigations (we plan to go after Bitconnect in Jakkarta) as well as developing partnerships with private investigation firms across the Globe so we can get better intel.

    The maximum supply of the XJC token will be 100,000,000 XJC, and it will be distributed in the following way:

    •15% will be airdropped equally among contributors who donated for the program

    •15% will be airdropped equally among the founding 200 members that represent the staff of Crypto Watchdogs

    •15% will be available for mining

    •15% for staking

    •40% for the bounty-hunt program as a rewards fund

    The XJC token, as you can imagine, it will be both PoW and PoS, and it will have a dedicated wallet to download from our website around the end of March 2018, which will be a few days before the XJC token airdrop.

    The registration program will start on 1st February 2018 and will last until 31st March 2018. The coins will be airdropped between 1st -10th April 2018. After the ending of the registration program, we will list the XJC coin on Cryptopia Exchange, and shortly after that, on Binance Exchange, while seeking-out to list it on other major exchanges as well. We will also list the token on Coinmarketcap as soon as the registration program ends.

    ​The price of the token will be established by the market demand, which will also dictate the future value of the coin. Looking back at the level of efficiency and achievements we had so far, we expect the price to constantly grow, with every scam we expose and every case we solve, along with news & events.

    We would like to thank you again for supporting us and rest assured, we are here to stay, and to expand.

    We will make the crypto-space a better world not only for us, but for our children and the generations to come. Scammers will always be out-there, trying to steal your hard-earned, but together we can expand enough to put an end to all of them before they even try.

    There website is here:

    It is going to be very interesting to see this playing out and how long they can last.
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    Re: The Crypto Watchdogs

    seems like another scam and fake currency. why would someone have to pay to expose a scam?
    Haven't lost any money to online scams.......results are typical.

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