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Thread: Armando Montelongo- house flipper

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    Armando Montelongo- house flipper

    Armando Montelongo was on the A&E tv show called "Flip this House" and has all kinds of infomercials, websites and mentoring for sale. He is currently advertising 'live events' in the US Midwest that are suppose to be free. The advertised phone number of 1-800-771-4005 does not have any hits on google. There are websites supporting and decrying Armando all over. The biggest detractor site seems to be 'flip this lawsuit' at:

    Flip This Lawsuit » Anyone purchased Armando Montelongo’s Real Estate Package?

    He looks like hundreds of others selling overpriced 'mentoring' that is vague and always charged to a credit card.

    Maybe someone around here will be brave and attend one of the free 'live events' and come back with a first hand account of Armando's 'advice'?

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    Re: Armando Montelongo- house flipper

    “Real estate investment advice is the only field I know where the worst material available is also the most expensive.”*

    John T. Reed

    * There is a logical reason for this. Knowledgeable people won't overpay for advice. Only ignorant people will. So gurus who want to charge extremely high prices must necessarily prey on the ignorant. Since the audience is ignorant, the gurus in question are free to offer material that merely sounds good. When people do not know the value of something, they tend to assume its price is its value. That is, the more expensive it is, the better it must be. In other words, they are assuming that if it was not worth that, the other customers who know what such things are worth would not buy it. In fact, in the get-rich-quick-real estate guru business, everybody in the room in an idiot like you. They all assume that the others in the room are there because they know the seminar is worth the amount being charged.
    I have no first hand knoledge of Mr.Montelongo or the products he is selling. But I have attended a few real estate "guru" seminars and the above quote sums up the experience quite nicely. In short, all these real estate seminars are about making people open their wallets as wide as possible and emptying them. There may be some legitimate education taking place but only in so far as the facts don't interfere with the sales pitch and no matter how much money you spend on them there will always be some other program or product available for you to purchase.

    I wouldn't recommend ANY of the high priced gurus, they all claim to be wildly successful but most of them are broke or sued out of buisness within a decade. The seminar industry, in so far as it applies to them has such an amazing history of fraud that I can't imagine anyone who has read up on it wouldn't avoid it like the plague that it is.
    So your prophets of finance have fallen on their collective proverbial face, and you hear muffled voices calling: Welcome to the human race.
    You made a killing dealing real estate at NASA selling cemetery plots in outer space til some falling coffins crashed upon your doorstep: Welcome to the human race.

    Open up your heart...

    Welcome to


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