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Thread: Andrea DeFelice - ponzi junkie

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    Andrea DeFelice - ponzi junkie

    This woman has been pimping all sorts of obvious ponzi scams for several years! Here is the latest one, hitching their wagon to ORU (a new questionable payment gateway).

    "ICF =The First ever M2M ORU Instant Payment System!

    This NEW Simple System and Software is the first ever M2M program that will stuff
    unlimited 5.00 & 20.00 commissions directly into your ORU account.

    PLUS Our Platform Helps You Get New ORU Referrals While Creating A Huge Monthly Income!!

    You can join also if you are already a ORU member
    InstaCash Formula

    Why we use ORU??
    It has been reported that over 167,000 PayPal accounts have already been shut down just in the last few weeks!
    Not only is PayPal shutting down accounts of Affiliate Marketers.
    Stripe is also making the rounds and using PayPal's "URL Blacklist," to turn off accounts.
    Even Google Pay and Cash App have shut marketers off.
    ORU is changing the game for good you have to take a very close look at this one.
    It all starts with a One-time $24.95 Activation Fee and Just $5.95 a month... which also includes your very own,
    personal Black VISA Card that you can use to withdraw your Funds.
    Black Visa Card NOW accepted/available in 202 Countries.

    We are the First ever M2M ORU Instant Payment System & ORU Downline Builder!

    If your not good at recruiting and want to make at least $100 per day, THEN THIS IS FOR YOU!!

    WHAT IS InstaCash Formula?

    Just see for yourself and click the link below
    InstaCash Formula

    I am looking forward to working with you

    See You Inside...

    -- Andrea Defelice"

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    Re: Andrea DeFelice - ponzi junkie

    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea Defelice
    If your not good at recruiting and want to make at least $100 per day, THEN THIS IS FOR YOU!!
    $100 a day, without recruiting - that's $36,500 a year - suuuuuuuuuuuure, Andrea, sure
    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

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