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Thread: 2021 Update on Predator Lawyer Atty. William Gilmour of Toronto

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    2021 Update on Predator Lawyer Atty. William Gilmour of Toronto

    Years ago we debated this con artist here and we only had circumstantial evidence to deal with but I have since found two documents that prove this lawyer is not to be trusted by any measure. The first document is a 3 page letter signed by Gilmour where he was caught trying to sell the confidential legal files of his own client to third parties for $50,000 each. You can read that letter signed by Gilmour here. Solicitor William Gilmour Caught Red Handed Selling Client's Legal Filres For $50,000 -

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    Also note that after this letter became public, Gilmour was terminated by the Prouse, Dash, and Crouch law firm. (Coincidence?) I think not.

    The second document is a 200 page unedited Law Society complaint that contains sworn and unworn statements of 19 eye-witnesses proving that at the very least, Gilmour committed perjury, failed to appear at court hearings (due to him being arrested for assault on a minor on the same court date August 14th, 2001), admitted to Justice Rosenberg that he "misplaced" key exculpatory evidence of his client, and tried to extort the wife of his client. Of special interest is the 11 page sworn report of 25 year veteran private investigator Edward Reikein contained in the exhibit section of this complaint. It is quite detailed.Gilmour Law Society Complaint | My Lawyer – My Enemy…

    I also discovered that after the Toronto Star published their expose of the corruption and collusion of the Ontario Law Society their director Malcolm Heinz was questioned about the above complaint/lawyer and he announced his retirement only a few days later. I also do not think this is a coincidence. Given the above documentary evidence either 19 people including a highly respected PI are all lying, or Atty. William Gilmour is a sleazy lawyer that should have been disbarred years ago. I also have to consider the fact that this Gilmour has never once denied any of the complaints and refused to give a sworn statement to former Superior Court Justice Rosenberg about the "misplaced evidence" that included a key video tape (The transcripts are amazing if you have an hour to read them). Last but not least, when I searched Atty. William Gilmour complaints" I see has had problems with several clients (mostly for billing fraud). I also discovered that all the criminal charges filed against the client in the above law complaint were dismissed by two federal judges in December of 2007 and again in November of 2019 and to this day, no victim nor dollar amount of the fabricated fraud was ever identified in any court of law. This was a fact known to Gilmour (according to court records), yet he never objected nor moved for a dismissal) Why? Solicitor William Gilmour in Toronto is Government Informant -

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