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  1. Insensitive? If that's how you wish to treat someone trying to help, than so be it. This is one demon you shan't have as an ally, man most mortal.
  2. Seeked? That's not the proper term, Vlad. The verb "to seek" conjugates into "sought" in the past tense form you are trying to use here. "Council" has no s in the middle; that's a c making the s-like sound in the word.
  3. I'm neither the owner nor a member of the staff here, Vladamir.

    But I do know that the way you worded that could be construed as extortion. Is that really the tactic you want to take, or were you merely choosing your words poorly?
  4. Why am I on a clone website?

    That's a good question, Vladamir, and one that deserves an answer.
    I participate on as well as here, however, changed their rules some time ago prohibiting posting full addresses and similar details about the scammers being reported upon. This site does not prohibit that, and as my preferred method of warning about cash gifters is the "name, shame, and get them shunned" method, being able to post full details helps greatly.

    Secondly, there was an incident back 2008 when someone threatened to shoot both me, and a third party deputy sheriff, on The thread was clearly marked as being evidence for the then-ongoing FBI investigation. Someone deleted it. I'm still annoyed about that.
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