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  1. Hello - in the course of battling identity theft and fraud perpetrated against me by a former business partner, I found a your post with my information. I have never been associated with the Cash Tracking scheme, I was however approached many years ago about joining it, but I never did. My former business partner did, and I believe he used my information in order to lure more people to this scam. I am a small business owner trying to make a living and support my family. I assure you, I never scammed anyone and nor did I ever believe in the Cash Tracking system. Since my split with my former partner, I have spent thousands of dollars fighting the IRS due to tax returns being filed using my social security number. I almost lost my business. I would appreciate you removing all of my information from this site so that people searching my name are not mislead by this information. I would gladly speak to you and answer any question you have to in order to clear my name. Thanks - Jamie Ryan
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