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  1. Hey Glim, yeah didn't mean to high jack the PS thread. I'm a regular reader over at behind mlm and asd updates forums. The only reason I started a thread over there at mmg is to see if any of the members there even care to market something that is legit and not just making money by signing up affiliate type programs. If you contact Frank or Cynthia directly better yet call her she would be open to share with you the Comp plan details. Or email you a copy. The 149.00 is the Pre-Launch price, normally 199.00 and is a one time fee to become an affiliate. It covers the compliance training courses. I would start a thread here but I don't see it would be relevant as FSN isn't a scam type program. That is you only cover ponzi and scams correct ? I'll post more on MMG when more info is available. Then again I'm begining to think I'm wasting my time By the way is that Jethro toll your avatar pic ?
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