Neil kenneth wright : Update 3rd september 2015

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Since our last update Neil Wright has promised settlement of monies owed on virtually
every business / banking day. On each and every occasion he has reneged on the
promises made. ALWAYS there is an excuse - his bankers, his lawyers, his doctors,
his children. If he had a cat that would doubtless be to blame as well. It is never
ever his fault !

Our assessment is that he is either a highly skilled Fraudster or a fool with a
level of arrogance only exceeded by his own massive incompetence.

Leaving aside the extreme financial hardship that he has been directly responsible
for he has in fact reached a new low in his dealings with his long suffering
financial supporters. On several occasions he has been made aware of the
very serious health issues of some of his financial supporters or their
immediate families and the need of these people to have their settlements.
He has paid not a single bit of attention to their plight. We are aware of
people having died and at the same time day after day this man has been
promising them settlement. It has become ever clearer that IF there is an
basis in fact to his assertions then the only thing holding up settlement

An example of the above is the recent death of an eighty year old man
who has had a brain tumour for the last two years. When we spoke to
him about six weeks prior to his death his only concern was for his aged
wife who suffers from dementia. WRIGHT was made aware of the situation
and day after day he kept promising settlement. As the couples son told us
when he reported the death of his Father it made a terrible situation much

Does NEIL WRIGHT care. No he does not. He is a self obsessed serial liar
who has no thought whatsoever for any other human being.

As previously reported there is a Police Investigation under way. One of the
issues faced by the Police is the relatively small number of individuals who
have come forward. It appears that the majority are under the mistaken
impression that WRIGHT has some integrity and will pay them. We urge
those who have so far been unwilling to speak to the Police to reconsider their
position. We shall be happy to provide report forms and to put them in
direct contact with the Officer concerned. We believe that there are over one
hundred and fifty such people / victims within Australia.
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